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Feb 27 2013

Happy 28 Month Ampuversary Charley…and his super cool Noseprint Pendant!!!

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Just wanted to share some great news!  Tomorrow is Charley’s 28 Month Ampuversary!!!  YIPPEE!  YAY!  WOO HOO!  Doing the Happy Dance in celebration!!!


We have been truly blessed and we can’t believe that Charley is going to be 5 on March 29!!!  After his OS diagnosis, we didn’t think that he would live to see 3.  Keep on proving all those statistics wrong Charley!


We are thankful for every day that we have with Charley and we take none of them for granted, because we know that unfortunately the cancer beast can rear it’s ugly head at any moment….so we continue to LIVE happily and fully with cancer!  Here’s the letter I read to Charley every month:

Happy 28 Month Ampuversary Charley!!!  You are our Tripawd Hero and everyday you make us so proud that you picked us as your mommy and daddy! ♥ ♥ ♥

Our wish to you is that you continue your fight against osteosarcoma with the same strength, resilience, and determination that you have since your journey started.

Our promise to you is that you will never suffer and when you tell us that it’s time, we will bravely and lovingly give you your well-deserved angel wings.

Your mommy & daddy love you more than you will ever know! ♥ ♥ ♥


Mommy & Daddy  xoxo


I got my belated birthday present from Charley just this week. 🙂  It’s a beautiful bronze noseprint pendant made from an impression of his nose by Metropawlitan Art & Photography.  Metropawlitan Art & Photography donates a portion of each sale to


Here’s a picture of Charley’s beautiful bronze Noseprint Pendant.  I love it!!!


Charley's nose pendent


Charley also got to play in snow for the first time this year (he LOVES playing in the snow), although St. Louis got slighted again with the recent Midwest Blizzard at least we had a few inches for him!


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Nov 22 2012

Thankful for Charley and so much more…..

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Charley is going to write this post, but I just wanted to say that I have so much to be thankful for….and I am especially thankful for a certain special Tripawd chocolate Lab named Charley.  Charley, you are our Hero!!!  I never thought that we would be celebrating Charley’s 2 Year Ampuversary on October 28, 2012 (that’s why we made it Charley’s ampversary month) or another holiday season with our boy!



Hi, it’s me Charley!!!  Sorry it has been a while since I posted, but I’ve been really busy!

My mommy keeps telling me that we are still celebrating my 2 Year Ampuversary Month (my 2 year ampuversary was on October 28) so I have a few more days left to celebrate!!!

I was the surprise guest at the 8th Annual Bone Cancer Dogs Reunion in Dayton, OH from October 25-28, 2012 (my mommy said that she kept the secret for a whole year and she was hoping and praying that I would make it….whatever that means).  My mommy and daddy rented a mini van so I would have more room on the long car ride.  I had lots of room, but I still liked trying to sit on my mommy’s lap.  I got to meet a lot of new doggie and human friends and everyone loved me!  I was able to table surf and score lots of food and my begging for food was rewarded too!  I even got fed some cake from a fork…my mommy didn’t know that I could use utensils!  I won 3 Wubba’s from the raffle too!  You can never have too many toys!

My mommy already put up the Christmas decorations.  I love looking at all of the lights and opening presents.  Too bad that there are no presents under the Christmas tree yet.  I’ve already broken one of mommy’s glass ornaments with my tail, so my mommy had to move her favorite ornaments further up the Christmas tree.

My Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Andrew just got over to my house for Thanksgiving and I am so excited to see them that I’ve been doing the Happy Labby Dance!  My mommy and daddy don’t cook the traditional turkey and fixings, but instead we do homemade lasagna and filets.  I’m keeping my 3-paws crossed that I’ll get some yummy samples of dinner tonight!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!

Love and chocolate Labby kisses,

Charley  xoxo



Me with my mommy and daddy when we arrived at the BCD Reunion.

Welcome to everyone!

Here’s one of me looking cute!

…and another one of me!

The Rainbow Bridge cake to honor all of our angels…..

Ana feeding me cake from a fork!  I do have manners!!!

My trophy that I got!!!

BCD Reunion group photo

A final farewell picture.  I miss all of my new friends!

A video of me playing Corn Hole with everyone!




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Aug 06 2012

Mini Charley Makes his Debut….

Last week a very special package arrived…..


My mommy opened the package and inside was a little something that kind of looked like a very small stuffed animal version of my Tripawd self.


It was a Mini-Me or a Mini Charley!!!  My mommy thinks that Mini Charley is absolutely gorgeous just like myself, but I think I am the better looking of the two…..what do you think?


Here’s a few more pictures of Mini Charley.


Here’s a picture of Mini-Me and Mini Abby.  Abby and I met through Bone Cancer Dogs and we were amputation buddies and she will always have a special place in my heart and my mommy’s heart.  I know that Abby continues to keep a good watch over me from Rainbow Bridge because I am a 21 Month OS Warrior!  Even though I never got to meet Abby in person, I feel like we have met since our Mini’s have met.  Abby will always be one of my Angels or as my mommy says, one of Charley’s Angels.


Here’s a picture of Mini Charley next to the photo of me that was used for the cover of a book.  Yes, I am a cover model!


Speaking of a book….here’s Mini Charley posing with copies of “What the Dog Ate” by Jackie Bouchard.


An extra special thank you to Jackie for making my mommy so happy!!!  My mommy said that you and your sister are very talented!  Now if only my mommy would just let me play with Mini Charley, then I would be an even happier Labby boy!


My mommy entered me into the “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” 2013 calendar contest by 2 Million Dogs.  To be featured in the calendar I have to be in the top 13 dogs.  If you have $5 that you could spare for cancer research, please consider voting for me so I can be in the calendar and represent Tripawds.  All donations go to comparative oncology studies for canine cancer and the results benefit humans with cancer.


Here’s the link to vote for me:


Hugs and Chocolate Labby kisses to everyone!!!



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May 22 2012

Charley won…and so did Bone Cancer Dogs!!!



Charley won the Cru Vin Dogs Wine’s TLC photo contest!!!  That means we win a case of wine (we are picking The Loyal Companion Red Blend which was rated an 88 and a “Best Buy” by Wine Enthusiast) and Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. will receive $100!


Here’s what was posted on Cru Vin Dogs Wine Facebook page: 

Congratulations to Charley! Our TLC photo contest winner. His mom, Ellen, will receive a case of The Loyal Companion wine and $100 donation to the dog charity of her choice! Thanks to everyone who participated.


And here’s what was posted on the Cru Vin Dogs Blog: 

Charley is a four year old chocolate Lab with an amazing story. When he was two years old, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). He lost one of his front legs, but none of his enthusiasm for life. He runs, jumps and counter-surfs.

Ellen, Charley’s mom, says, “Charley reminds us every day to cherish life and to enjoy each and every day… he is living with cancer, not dying from cancer!”


Thank you to everyone who voted!!!  Since BCD just funded their 3rd clinical trial (in the past 2 years) at North Carolina State to investigate the use of Palladia with OSA, I know that the $100 will be put to good use!!!  Here’s more info about the trial funded by BCD:


Hugs and chocolate Labby kisses,
Ellen & Charley xoxo
18.5 Month OS Survivor….and counting!!!

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May 08 2012

PLEASE VOTE for Charley!!!!

If you haven’t already, PLEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE VOTE FOR CHARLEY!!!  He is now only leading by 30 votes and there are 10 days left to vote.  I really want Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. to receive $100!!!!


If anyone is on Facebook and not a friend of mine (feel free to “friend” me), I entered Charley’s photo in a contest and the winner will get $100 donation to their favorite dog charity.  My favorite dog charity is Bone Cancer Dogs, Inc. because 100% of their donations go directly to bone cancer research!!!


Since BCD just funded their 3rd clinical trial (in the past 2 years) at North Carolina State to investigate the use of Palladia with OSA, I know that the $100 will be put to good use!!!  Here’s more info about the trial funded by BCD:


You have to have a Facebook account to vote, but if you do PLEASE vote for Charley.  Feel free to share!


If you have voted, THANK YOU!  If you haven’t voted, PLEASE VOTE for Charley.  Unfortunately you can only vote 1x per Facebook account.  The contest ends on May 18.

~~~  Here’s the link to VOTE FOR CHARLEY:


Thank you for reading!!!


Hugs and chocolate Labby kisses,
Ellen & Charley  xoxo
18 Month OS Survivor…and counting!


Charley-TLC The Loyal Companion

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Oct 28 2011

Happy 1 Year Ampuversary Charley!!!



Just wanted to share some great news…one year ago today Charley became a tripawd!


Charley is doing great and he continues to amaze us everyday!  He does everything that he did on 4 legs with 3!  Since his amp, he has even figured out that he’s a lab and he loves to swim!


The day we were told that Charley had osteosarcoma, we were devastated…Charley had just received a death sentence at 2-1/2 years old.  But 8 months prior to Charley’s OSA diagnosis we were given a reprieve.


At 22 months, Charley began limping and we were told he had OSA at that point.  We saw an oncologist immediately and an aneursymal bone cyst (extremely rare) was diagnosed in his L mid-humerus via a fine needle aspirate.  We had follow up visits with the oncologist every 6-8 weeks and we watched the cyst resolve.  At what we thought was our last oncology visit, the oncologist saw something starting in his L proximal humerus which was diagnosed as OSA via a bone biopsy on 10-21-10.  His L front leg and scapula were amputated exactly one year ago today on 10-28-10.


When we were initially faced with the possibility of OSA in February 2010, I frantically started researching on the internet and everything that I found was grim and depressing….except for one thing…the BoneCancerDogs (BCD) Yahoo group!


BCD gave me a glimmer of hope!  A group of complete strangers, became my extended family and close friends, as well as my life-line and support when I needed it the most.  When Charley was first given a reprieve from OSA, I made a promise to myself that I would remain an active member of BCD to help others by sharing Charley’s story.


Then about 8 months later, my bubble burst and Charley was diagnosed with OSA.  It may sound strange, but I consider myself lucky.  I had 8 months of learning more about OSA from all of you and I was better prepared when we did receive the diagnosis.  I’ve kept my promise to myself and to Charley, by continuing to be an active member of BCD…it’s my way of paying it forward.


I celebrate with you when your pups are doing well.  I cry with you when your pups are struggling.  I grieve with you when another hero loses their fight.  Please give all of your pups some extra hugs and kisses from me….you are all always in my thoughts and prayers.


Charley being his handsome self:


Charley running like a bat out of hell (note how he face plants as he zooms around the landscaping and he doesn’t even slow down…he only has one speed…FAST):



Love, Hugs and Chocolate Kisses,
Ellen, Joe & Charley


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