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Nov 11 2011

Charley’s 1 Year chest x-rays are clear!!! :)

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Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts, good wishes, prayers, finger and paw crossing, etc…


YIPPEE!!!  YAY!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Charley’s chest x-rays are clear and Dr. Buss, his oncologist, says that he looks great!!!  What a wonderful early Christmas present to receive!!!


Everyone thought Charley was mighty handsome in his “Survivor” tee!  We don’t go back to see the oncologist until February!  Wow!  4 months is the longest we have had in between appointments.


Pets and scratches to all of your furbabies please! 😉


Hugs and chocolate Labby kisses,
Ellen & Charley  xoxo

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Nov 10 2011

My chest x-rays are tomorrow…

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I go to the oncologist tomorrow for my 1 year follow-up appointment which means I get lots of yummy treats!


My mommy keeps saying that she is thinking positive thoughts and saying lots of prayers for clear chest x-rays and fingers and 3-paws crossed…whatever that means!!!


I’m going to wear my new cancer survivor shirt too!   Since I’m super handsome and will be wearing a cool shirt,  maybe I’ll get a few extra pets and scratches!


Hugs and chocolate Labby kisses from Charley xoxo


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Nov 05 2011

My Survivor Pawty was Pawesome!!!

My mommy and daddy threw a “Survivor Pawty” for me for my 1 Year Ampuversary!!!  My ampuversary is also my grandma’s birthday so we had a dual pawty!  My grandma and grandpa came and so did my Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jaime from Peoria, IL.  I haven’t seen my uncle and aunt in awhile so I was super excited!!!  They got me a big red un-stuffed dragon toy with 16 squeakers (I haven’t figured out how to make them squeak though…my mommy thinks it’s because us labs have “soft” mouths–whatever that means).


My mommy made my my very own “Survivor Cake”.  It was sooooooo YUMMY!!!!  My mommy made it with 1-1/2 pounds of ground beef, 2 eggs, 1/2 container of cottage cheese and some garlic….it was basically a big meatball!  The icing was cream cheese with peanut butter writing…could it get any better than that?!  I  don’t know why they wouldn’t let me eat the entire cake that night….don’t they know I’m always hungry!  They’ve been rationing some out for me every day, but I’d rather just eat the whole thing!


I’m a smart boy and I was able to open my presents with my one front paw and my mouth.  I got lots of new toys to add to my huge collection.  I got the big red dragon, a llama, a lion, a polar bear, a spider and a witch.  My mommy says that I have more babies (animals) than Noah did on his ark!!!


Before I got to eat my cake I had to dress up in my Halloween costume for some pictures.  Any guess on what I was???  I was Super Tripawd!!!  In one of the pictures I look like I am going to take off in flight just like Superman!


I had so much fun at my pawty!


Hugs and chocolate Labby kisses from Charley!  xoxo


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Oct 28 2011

Happy 1 Year Ampuversary Charley!!!



Just wanted to share some great news…one year ago today Charley became a tripawd!


Charley is doing great and he continues to amaze us everyday!  He does everything that he did on 4 legs with 3!  Since his amp, he has even figured out that he’s a lab and he loves to swim!


The day we were told that Charley had osteosarcoma, we were devastated…Charley had just received a death sentence at 2-1/2 years old.  But 8 months prior to Charley’s OSA diagnosis we were given a reprieve.


At 22 months, Charley began limping and we were told he had OSA at that point.  We saw an oncologist immediately and an aneursymal bone cyst (extremely rare) was diagnosed in his L mid-humerus via a fine needle aspirate.  We had follow up visits with the oncologist every 6-8 weeks and we watched the cyst resolve.  At what we thought was our last oncology visit, the oncologist saw something starting in his L proximal humerus which was diagnosed as OSA via a bone biopsy on 10-21-10.  His L front leg and scapula were amputated exactly one year ago today on 10-28-10.


When we were initially faced with the possibility of OSA in February 2010, I frantically started researching on the internet and everything that I found was grim and depressing….except for one thing…the BoneCancerDogs (BCD) Yahoo group!


BCD gave me a glimmer of hope!  A group of complete strangers, became my extended family and close friends, as well as my life-line and support when I needed it the most.  When Charley was first given a reprieve from OSA, I made a promise to myself that I would remain an active member of BCD to help others by sharing Charley’s story.


Then about 8 months later, my bubble burst and Charley was diagnosed with OSA.  It may sound strange, but I consider myself lucky.  I had 8 months of learning more about OSA from all of you and I was better prepared when we did receive the diagnosis.  I’ve kept my promise to myself and to Charley, by continuing to be an active member of BCD…it’s my way of paying it forward.


I celebrate with you when your pups are doing well.  I cry with you when your pups are struggling.  I grieve with you when another hero loses their fight.  Please give all of your pups some extra hugs and kisses from me….you are all always in my thoughts and prayers.


Charley being his handsome self:


Charley running like a bat out of hell (note how he face plants as he zooms around the landscaping and he doesn’t even slow down…he only has one speed…FAST):



Love, Hugs and Chocolate Kisses,
Ellen, Joe & Charley


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