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❤️ Charley, I carry your heart with me.  ❤️

 ~ March 29, 2008 – June 3, 2015 ~


Charley earned his well deserved angel wings at 5:13pm.  He beat bone cancer 2x…for 4 Years, 7 months and 6 days.  He survived bone cancer and he beat the odds, but he couldn’t beat another evil cancer called Hemangiosarcoma.


Charley was totally fine and acting like his happy Labby self even last night.  This morning he seemed tired and he refused a treat which never happens and my gut told me something was wrong.  I called my parents and they checked on Charley this morning about 10:30 and he was more of his perky self, he greeted them at the door, brought them a baby and scarfed down his food.  Joe came home around 11:30 and checked on him and he went potty but didn’t want to go on a walk.  I got home about 12:30 and he didn’t want to eat, he was panting, he jumped up on the couch by me and his back legs were shaking.  When he looked at me his eyes told me he was scared and he was asking for help.  When I looked at his gums and lips they were way too pale.

I called my parents since Joe was in court downtown and they came over and we took Charley in to the ER, which is also where his oncologist is. The ER is about 30 minutes away and I really didn’t think Charley would make it.  He was breathing really slow and not responding when I was talking to him.  By the time I got him to the ER he was in shock.  His pulse was thready and his blood pressure was low.  Hematocrit was fine.  His lungs were fine.  Dr. Buss, his oncologist, did an abdominal US and it showed a tumor in his spleen and behind his left kidney.  FNA confirmed Hemangiosarcoma.  One of the tumors must have ruptured and he bled internally, although no fluid was seen in his abdomen, around his lungs or around his heart.  They gave Charley 3 shock boluses of fluid and his blood pressure wouldn’t come up.  He was fading.


Dr. Buss, his oncologist, was there with us and he was the one to give him the injection.  I will never forget what Dr. Buss said with tears in his eyes, “I will never forget Charley.  He touched so many lives.  He was an inspiration and he gave so many people hope.  I’ve never had a patient survive bone cancer twice and beat bone cancer.  I’m not going to say goodbye, but rather see you later.  You’re a good boy Charley.  You are so loved.”   He also said that the internet is going to go viral tonight with the news of Charley.


I am thankful that Charley held on long enough that we were all able to say goodbye and he was surrounded by everyone who loved him.  All of the vet techs and the receptionists that knew him came in to give him a pet and a kiss…and he knew a lot of people over his 5 years going there!


I am thankful and blessed that we got an additional 4 Years, 7 Months and 6 Days (1,680 days) with Charley after his bone cancer diagnosis.  We were able to see a young pup of 2-1/2 grow into a wonderful adult.  We were able to keep our promise and take him to the beach so he could swim in the ocean.  We got to celebrate his 7th Birthday on 3/29/15.  We will get to bring him home on Friday or Monday.


My heart is shattered and I’m broken.  I’m not sure how I am going to make it without him.  If I had only known last night was the last time he would sleep with me, I would have stayed up all night. ❤️


Godspeed Charley.  Run free, sweet boy, run with all of the hero angels that have gone before you.  You are my love, my heart, my son, my hero…. I love you forever and always.


Charley, I carry your heart with me.  March 29, 2008 – June 3, 2015


 ❤️ Hugs from me and chocolate Labby kisses from my forever Warrior Charley! xoxo  ❤️
































159 Responses to “Charley, I carry your heart with me. ~ March 29, 2008 – June 3, 2015 ~”

  1. Nicole says:

    I am so sorry for your heartbreak. I am in tears reading this because I know that pain and I wish you didn’t have to go through that. However, a friend sent me this quote when I lost my tripawd angel Lily in March. “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss. Love and hugs to you.Charley, go find my girl Lily. She will show you the ropes.

    Nicole and Angel Lily

  2. benny55 says:

    When Michelle first started the post on Charley yesterday, the whole community gasped in absolute disbelief. And then Alison copied your post of his transition and we all cried as our nearts started to break. It could not be Charley…not “our” Charley! Inestructible, inconceivable, victorious Warrior, always smiling , joyful, happy Charley!!

    Charley is, and always will be, our Champion of Hope, our Inspiration, our Beacon of Light, our reason to believe that maybe our dogs or cats could be victorious too!!

    Talk about a dog living a life of meaning, a dog who has touched our hearts forever, a dog who will continue to inspire, a dog who lived a life of true purpose, yeah, we’re talking about “our” Charley!

    My thoughts are all over the place as I try and type through the tears. I just know there are no words that can take the unbearable hurt away. Many of us know, as much as you hurt right now, it will get worse before it gets better. The void, the break in routine, all will seem unbearable. PLEASE stay connected ro us and let us hold you up when you crumble.

    Charley has a life affirming legacy that will be carried on by all of us here. We’ve all had the privilege, TRUE PRIVILEGE, of walking by Charley’s side and sharing in the victorious celebrations of all the UNBELIEVABLE milestones he had and hurdles that he sailed over!

    And Ellen, Charley could not have been more loved and more cared for during his time in his earth clothes! Every single picture…..every single one…..shows a happy and loved boy!!!

    I’m going to come back…either here or in the forums, or both…I shall be lighting a candle tonight for Charley, just as you did for my Happy Hannah. I do know the Bridge had a HUGE celebration as they welcomed Charley home with a welcome fit for a true hero….a TRUE WARRIOR HERO!

    Sending you all the love from myself and the entire Charley sphere of influence….and that’s continuing to grow every single day!

    I’ll always savor my “CHOCOLATE LAB KISSES from our beloved Charley!

    From my heart,

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  3. bcullom says:

    Ellen, ditto everything Sally said……when we found out yesterday from Erica and Michelle, we were beyond stunned and devastated. Our Superdog and inspirational Tripawd hero was taken away by an ugly and all too well known canine cancer for me, and it sucked the life right out of all of us. We definitely understand your kicked-in-the-gut, shattering of your heart.
    But NO awful cancer can ever change the fact that Charley absolutely kicked, and beat the crap out of cancer, and will always be the huge success story that anyone starting this unwanted journey with their beloved fur baby will look at Charley and say, yes, I hope my pup or kitty will be like Charley. He lived his life with total joy and commitment to be with you, and you and him had a bond that will never be broken, ever, and he lived everyday in the moment. And so many fantastic milestones, Charley was loved by all of us.
    May time start to heal your shattered heart, and thank you for sharing all these amazing and beautiful pictures of love, joy, and never-ending memories.
    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers,
    Love and {{{hugs}}}
    Bonnie, Angel Polly, Pearl, and Zuzu

  4. 4myty says:

    Charley will be so missed! Charley, I am glad you got your trip to the beach! You look so happy. Ellen, this is how Cahrley wants you to think of him. Happy, carefree, so in love with his humans. I am also glad you got this photo shoot. What a treasure that you will come back to many times in years to come. It is so hard to believe right now, but you will be able to look at his pictures and not be so burdened by heavy grief. It takes time, lots of it. Take that time, don’t let anybody tell you it is quick or you are grieving to long. When you love that deeply, it hurts so much. We know how much your heart hurts right now. It feels unbearable. Like it is hard to find your next breath. Charley is our HERO! The Tripawd Warrier! He will forevermore set the standard for our newly diagnosed pets. We want them to live life like Charley did. Thinking of you, Lori, Ty & the Gang

  5. maximutt says:

    What can any of us say? We are all as heartbroken as you. We all loved Charley like he was our own. Nothing we say will ease your pain right now, but it’s quite obvious to everyone that Charley was your “heart dog.” And the wonderful thing about that is that he will be with you forever. Thank you for sharing your brave boy with us. It was a gift and an honor.

  6. elizabeth says:

    Charley will always be a hero to us, he was a true miracle dog. No matter how down I was about my Jake, or how I cried when my friends here lost their pups, I ALWAYS got a smile from your updates. He will never be forgotten.

  7. Coleen Taylor says:

    I am so very sorry you had to say goodbye to Charley. In my lifetime I’ve been blessed to call nine dogs “family” and have had to grieve the loss of seven. Each one has affected me a bit different from the others, but my Moose passed in December of hemangiosarcoma. That ripped me apart. My other dogs lived what is considered very long happy healthy lives for dogs. But Moose came to me from a sad rough start. But our eight years together were the best I knew…because of him. My chocolate lab Piper had a hind leg amputated in January & I’m treasuring every day with her now. I know there’s a finite time on Earth we have with our pets, and I’m so grateful for that time. But I truly believe this is just part of the journey. I have faith Charley will be waiting for you when you leave this earthly life; just as I have faith Moose will be waiting for me. I hope every time you look at these incredible photos you’ve shared, that you will remember what a beautiful world you gave him here. God bless & be well.

  8. mom2shelby says:

    I couldn’t believe when I read this last night …. I figured Charley would be here forever. He was (and still is) such a warrior. He beat SO many odds and serves as such an inspiration.

    I lost my girl to hemangiosarcoma. It is incredibly unfair to have beaten OSA and to get this. It doesn’t make sense to me. I am so sorry you didn’t have one more night.. one more hour… one more minute. But I know that Charley will ALWAYS be with you.

    I have long admired your beautiful photos … your gorgeous family and your love story. Such a love story if there ever was one.

    Our entire community aches for you right now. A silence … shock .. came over us. We couldn’t believe it. We still cannot. But know that all the tripawd heros that went before Charley were waiting at the bridge to greet him.

    Your heart will ache for a long time … my heart still aches daily. But it will get better. And you will smile when you think of the amazing time you had together.

    Charley – look for Shelby Lynne… she LOVED the beach too!
    hugs and love,
    alison with the spirit of shelby in her heart

  9. midnighter94 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your Charley and his chocolate kisses with us! My heart is truly breaking for you. I know that every day we have with Murphy is a blessing, and I can only hope that we can get as much time with him as you got with your love.

    Charley ~ if sometime in the future you see a red retriever mix running your way, keep him company for me! He doesn’t like the water (I know, weird for a retriever!) but he loves chasing squirrels, digging for mice or just laying in the sun. He’ll probably be barking 🙂
    Lots of love ~
    Donna, Glenn
    Tripawd Murphy, Cassie & Max <3

  10. Daniela & Johnnie says:

    Ellen: Charley’s journey and your always positive attitude served and will continue to serve as an inspiration for many on this same hard path. You were blessed with a full seven years of Charley, seven special years that will always be part of your family memories.
    hugs from Daniela & Johnnie

  11. Trmbaileysmom says:

    Ellen I’m still in disbelief even after talking in messages to you. Charley was an inspiration to everyone and gave us all the hope in the world our cancer babies had a great chance at beating the odds that things would give us just another day with out fur babies. Ellen Charley and Bailey Girl brought us and to know we lived a few minutes apart and were talking online.
    Charleys legacy will continue and he will still be the inspiration to any and all that walk this journey which we have no control over.
    I cried and cried and even took chocolate kisses out of the freezer and placed them on Bailey Girls grave. She was waiting for her Charley reading to run free with all our Angels.
    Everyone says time will heal but Gravie and I sleep in the same spot I spent 7 months with Bailey Girl. As I wrote this Gravie has her head on my shoulder and breathing warm air into my ear sound asleep.
    Ellen we are all here for you now is your time to lean on us.
    Love and tight hugs,
    Tracy and Bailey Girl my Angel

    Hugs to all my tripawd family I miss all of you. Life has been throwing curve balls and I haven’t been able to talk much. I miss you all of you and wish I was still talking about my Bailey Girl and posting cute pictures of her.
    I miss her like crazy.

    My support group I still need you.

  12. Christine says:

    It took me a while to post here.. and I am teary as I type…
    I was stunned when I saw the tripawd posts… so unfair..
    so effing unfair!!!!
    Charlie was and still is our tripawd hero… he beat cancers ass in style… and then kicked it’s ass to the curb again…
    You know that all of us here are saddened on this day… Ellen.. we ache with you… you know that.
    I understand the ache, the hurt, the pain, the emptiness and most of all…. the want… the want to stroke that head one more time, nuzzle your lips in between those eyes… and get another slobbery kiss… the want will always be there.. no matter how much time passes.. because we loved our tripawd babies to the moon and back!
    And they loved us too… right down to the last moment when they opened their eyes to the beauty in front of them… the beaches are amazing where Charlie is romping now.. they are probably playing dog tag as we sit here and read this… splashing along the shore.. those tongues lolling as they gallop along..
    Pain free… strong… and waiting…
    You will feel him in your heart… always will..

    Christine… with Franklin in her heart♥

  13. admin says:

    Charley was a true hero, who touched many hearts here in the Tripawds community. Don’t miss his anonymous tribute on the Tripawds Foundation Honor Roll.

  14. The OP Pack says:

    We learned about Charley from our friend KB and her beautiful Shyla. We are so sorry for your loss. We too have had dogs with cancer and lost them way too suddenly and way too young. We feel your pain and heartache. Charley hung on until you came home to him. We know he will forever be in your heart.

  15. Lindsay says:

    We love you charley! Your legacy will live on!

  16. Hi Ellen, I hopped to you after reading KB’s tribute to Charley. We haven’t had any dogs, but many cats over the years, and when we say goodbye, a part of my heart has gone too. memories forever, beautiful photos, of times together, showing the love between you all. Hugs from way down in NZ.

  17. Betsy says:

    So Sorry you lost Charley what beautiful pictures. I feel your pain and it is so sad.

  18. What a handsome and special boy, Charley was. Our hearts are breaking for you. Godspeed, Charley♥

  19. Amy P says:

    I KNEW this would make me cry. But I told you I would read it for you, so I did.

    Charley was an amazing dog, and such an inspiration to a lot of people, he will be greatly missed. I wish healing for you and your husband and family and all affected by the loss of Charley.

    He is gone, but certainly won’t ever be forgotten. I bet he has some of the biggest wings up there. And don’t worry, he has my Jewel, Funyon, and Thai-bo up there to show him the ropes too.

    Much love,


  20. deborah says:

    R.i.p charlie,so sad x

  21. When we first heard Chalali’s OS diagnosis, the feelings and thoughts were indescribable. Anger, fear, grief, panic, and worry set in immediately and I wore them like a new warm, but itchy sweater. I researched cures and treatments until I was exhausted…it was my new job. In the course of all my Googling, I stumbled across the Arte yahoo group. It was there that we met you and Rockstar Charley. You jumped in with both feet, arms wide open, to offer us (and every other other scared, lost soul looking to save their furry kid) advice, condolences, and a huge virtual hug. And Charley? Well, Charley gave us HOPE. He gave us all the one thing that no doctor or drug or supplement alone could give. And it was the one thing that we needed the most. As we stayed up all night, tending to pain and discomfort, staring at our kids and praying for them to get better….we needed HOPE. You and Charley offered that selflessly….day after day. There are no thank yous that seem nearly sufficient.

    One of the hardest lessons I learned as we battled canine bone cancer with our girl was this…. We all have expiration dates. There are no guarantees that we will have another minute, day, or year of life on Earth. But one thing we do have is the choice to make every minute, day, & year count. And the best that we can hope for is a life that is rich in love for one another and for the beautiful souls of our beloved pets.

    Charley was loved beyond measure by you …and so many others. His life was full of purpose and love. As you shed tears for the loss of your dear boy, know that his legacy and story will live on forever, giving hundreds more the gift of HOPE from the other side. Run free, Angel Charley, with all those who crossed before you…. and don’t forget to send your Mommy lots of pennies! God bless <3

  22. Marcus Chiu says:

    So sorry Charlie left this world so soon, I lost my Kalani to bone cancer she was too old to have surgery, we just managed pain till she told us it was time. They may leave us but their memories will be forever with us. Godspeed Sweet Charlie.

  23. Darren merrick says:

    I’ve followed your dogs struggles via facebook
    And it saddens me to write this,so hear goes as a
    Choc lab and yellow lab daddy(also a soi
    Dog daddy) I love my animals and every
    One else’s that I meet or read about
    You gave charley the world and loved him
    Massively you was thee for him good
    And bad my Choc is 13 soon and
    I’m amazed he is still with us so I do make
    The most of the time we share
    Thank you for loving charley as a family
    Member and sorry he lost the fight
    All our love arnie,tj and Taa ruea(Soi dog)

  24. Amber M says:

    Run free sweet boy…you are loved by many and such an inspiration to all, you always had a smile on your face and we’re such a fighter. God blessed his mommy with such a special gift when he gave you to her, and you couldn’t of had a mommy that could’ve loved you more. You fought the good fight and now it’s time for you to run with all the angels at the bridge! We love you Charley and we know that you’re looking over your mama until you meet again <3

  25. Sue says:

    I’m so very sorry Ellen. Charley was such an inspiration to so many, but he was your boy…your heart, and you will miss him forever. He’s in good company with all of our angels that have gone before him…taken too soon by this horrible disease. I wish you and your family peace during this very sad time. All of us who have followed and loved Charley are here with you, sending you love and prayers. Run free Charley…we all will miss you so very much.

  26. Denise says:

    I didn’t know what it was too love a dog until we got Bailey. He is the most beautiful, gentle, stupid dog and he has my heart in his. He is 6 but those 6 years have flown by and I know that, if we are lucky, we will have him fire at least another 6. I just love to see all the other labs online as they all look like Bailey’s relatives! You will never replace Charley but he will live on forever on your heart. In time you might find your heart is big enough to love another. Charley looked a truly gorgeous dog and very loved.

  27. Kate says:

    Charley you were so well loved and cared for. You are a true warrior and are missed by many. You were lucky to have had such a great family and they were so lucky to have had you! R.I.P. Sweet boy.

  28. Stefania says:

    Buon viaggio sul ponte arcobaleno piccolo grande guerriero!!
    Safe trip over the rainbow bridge, brave little warrior!!

  29. jillian says:

    We have only met recently online when we were voting for Charley for his new Birthday Collar…I shared that link on every web site I had. My heart is breaking for you and Joe …and even for me…I fell head over heels for Charley…I think my own Chocolate Lab Harley was a little jealous …but he is now pain free and running with the pack of all of out lost babies….teaching them resilience, bravery and determination….much love sent your way in this very difficult time. Jill Benson

  30. Kathleen says:

    We are so sorry to hear of your loss. The impact Charley obviously had on your life is a beautiful gift. You were his life and I’m sure he fought to stay with you on Earth. He will always be with you, as a sweet chocolate angel.

  31. ria says:

    Wat was je een prachtige hond en wat heb jij een heerlijk leven gehad.
    Als ik de foto’s zie dan zie ik n hele gelukkige labrador.
    Heel veel sterkte voor je baasjes vanuit Holland.
    Rust zacht.

  32. Michelle says:

    I am crying again. I can’t believe our hero is gone. He will always be an inspiration to many. I was a big cheer leader for him as you were for us. I am sorry that your boy is gone. The grief is so hard at first, eventually you will smile at those memories you made. I love that picture of you, your husband and Charley walking hand & in hand. I know that one day Charley will be at the bridge to greet you smiling and happy like in these pictures. He never will be forgotten that is for sure.
    You need to lean on us as you grieve we will be here for you.



    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  33. Helen O'Reilly says:

    I first saw your beautiful pic on Sir B’s site and thought what a beautiful family you make. Charley seemed to beam with happiness on his photos and life has obviously sent him and yourselves some tough challenges but your strength and happiness shone through.
    When I saw your post that Charley had earned his angel wings I cried quietly at the injustice and cruelty of life. But Charley will never be forgotten and I am sure you will enjoy, in time, your happy memories of his time with you.
    With our deepest condolences from Helen, Richard and our big Chocolate bear Heath. xx

  34. Christine Kelley says:

    Charley was angel before he got his angel wings. You and Joe are also angels and any dog will be very lucky to have you both as their guardian. I’m completely devastated and heartbroken that Charley is gone. Every moment with him was precious. I loved Charley very much and looked forward to every month, then every year he beat OS.

    I wish I could offer you some words of comfort, Ellen, but I don’t know what to even say as tears are just streaming down my face. Thankfully you were able to come home and take him to the ER, so he wouldn’t be alone and afraid. I’m happy the people he knew were there with him and loved on him. Still doesn’t make his passing easier for us left behind, but it’s never about ‘us’, just them when their time comes. Charley never wanted for anything, whether it was a treat, medical treatment, or to swim in the ocean .. you did everything and anything you could for him and I’m sure he was grateful, as I know I was grateful that he had such wonderful parents.

    Charley lived a fantastic life that was cut short, but that only proves how special he truly was. He must of been needed in heaven or he would not have been called away so quickly. Yet that doesn’t really help all those left behind who miss him dearly.

    I was glad to have the opportunity to share in his life with you. Again, Charley was truly special, so are you. I’m sure Charley is rocking the house where ever he may be right now and I’m sure he will continue to watch over you and Joe with the same devotion he had when he was physically present. He is still with you, just in a different form .. energy is never destroyed, it just takes a different shape. Doesn’t help us humans much knowing this, but he is with you.

    Oh Charley, I will miss you very much as you were truly special. Please say ‘Hi’ to Mali and Gabby for me and I will look for you in the night sky, along with the others who went before you. Godspeed Charley, godspeed.

    Angels Mali & Gabby

  35. Joanne says:

    Charlie you gave a good fight and your mummy and daddy helped you in that journey. You were loved by many people all over the Globe! I’m from Manchester UK and my boy was taken by lymphoma cancer two years ago, he also had the chance and gave a good fight too xxx God bless your parents for their help you received along the way, God speed your journey to rainbows bridge until you see your parents again xxxx

  36. Marianne and Angel Zoe says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Charley. What an amazing tribute you have of him. I know what you’re going through. I want to say it’ll get easier, but I’ll be lying. A year has passed since we lost our little Angel Zoe and I still cry in my sleep at times…missing her so. Sending prayers of healing and comfort to you and your family. To Charley…look for Zoe at the Rainbow bridge…she’ll show you the ropes <3

  37. Fiona Iwan says:

    Charley, Ellen and Joe became part of our furry family when we lost our beautiful Misty girl at Two years old to OSA. Through tripawds we were able to offer medicine that Misty wasn’t able to use to another pup friend who needed them. Charley became that pup. Charley became my hero as well giving us hope that maybe this terrible disease could be beat and he did it! More than his journey, the love that Ellen and Joe gave him lifted my spirits everyday. I knew there were a few of us that loved our dogs like children but their love for Charley was like none I’ve ever seen. I think what would have happened to Charley if God hadn’t put him in their family. He had a job for Charley and a job for Ellen and Joe. Many times we don’t like the jobs God gives us but I bet they wouldn’t trade any of it! I have been blessed by this chocolate warrior and his beautiful parents. I will meet you in heaven beautiful boy!
    Fiona Iwan, Rocklin, Ca

  38. Marion says:

    I am so sorry for you. Charley looks so much like my Lucas that I lost in January 2/07, the day after his birthday. I know how you are feeling now.

  39. Tara F says:

    Charley was such an inspiration to us all when I first discovered about his story on Facebook. I was devastated when I found out our dog Skye had osteosarcoma. Charley was a long term survivor. To survive osteosarcoma that long, is almost unheard of. Through Skye’s journey, I always had Charley to think of, and how HE DID IT! HE beat cancer and Skye had a chance too!
    I think he all gave so many of us hope by reading his story and having updates frequently about how well he was doing. He was that candle of hope. He still is. Through his story, so many others will continue to fight. I thank you for your fundraiser for our Cancer warriors. My husband and I always where our shirts with pride. I am sure that Skye and so many other Cancer warriors greeted Charley with open arms and puppy kisses in heaven. He is your angel, always. He will forever be an inspiration, today, tomorrow and always. Thanks for sharing his journey with us all. ❤️

  40. Emilie O says:

    Ellen and Joe,

    My heart aches for you as you enter this time of grieving. Charley was a blessing to your family and even more you, to him. He was lucky to have such loving parents for his journey on Earth. May the spirit that lived in him, carry on through you.


    Emilie, Brian, Norah, Isabella, William, Rose, and Bailey

  41. DENISE GARCEAU says:

    Tears are falling as I think about Charley and those who loved him but be at peace you will always carry Charley in your heart. And in those still quiet moments you will sometimes feel the comfort of his presence. Charley is now romping whole and cancer free in the meadows of Heaven, he might even be running with my three yellow labs Rusty, Toby and Colonel who are all up there. When it comes time for human owners of beloved dogs to take that one way journey to Heaven themselves, I am sure God’s plan is for us to be reunited with our K9’s. And once the pain and anguish you are now feeling lessens, it never goes away, you will be able to revisit the memories of the time you spent with Charley and be grateful for the time you spent with him. God bless.

  42. Annemarie says:

    It was nearly a year ago – July 26th 2014 that I discovered Charley and his battle with osteosarcoma. My baby boy was just diagnosed with a month to live. I remember Ellen – you were one of the first people to write back to me on a cancer site. You gave me hope when I thought there was none. Charley inspired me that Rio indeed had a fighting chance because anything is possible when you love your fur child more than life itself. There are a few people in this world that understand what a gift it is to have our dog choose us as their companion, as their parents. To make sacrifices many wouldn’t because at the end of the day your baby means more to you than anything else.

    Rio lost his fight April 6th today marks two months without the love of my life. Once more Ellen you came into my life to comfort me and granted me the honor in paying Rios memory forward in donating supplements to Charley. As you were there for me when my son passed I am here for you. Upon hearing Charley’s pass I sat at my kitchen table hysterical crying. He was our warrior – gone from the physical world but forever alive in the hearts he touched. To say that I am sorry for your loss just doesn’t seem fair. Nor does it compensate for the hole his loss has placed in your heart. He will always be a part of you. Some days his memory will make you laugh and seconds later another thought may make you cry – when he is on your mind know that he is there besides you thinking of you as well for love is eternal.

    Rest in peace Charley. As you cross that bridge with your wings you’ll find Rio there to greet you.

  43. Amanda Clapper says:

    Oh sweet Charley I cannot thank you enough for being such a bright light in this very dark world of cancer. Since the very first time I read your story and saw your handsome face you have been such an inspiration in my world. You fought such a brave fight and in my eyes you won.. You never let it get you down.. You have earned your golden wings and are now free from all the evils that cancer has brought. Rest easy sweet angel. I will never forget you and how your life has changed not only my life but the lives of so many. Sending you lots of love to rainbow bridge ❤️❤️❤️

  44. Lori Wyant says:

    Charley has touched so many lives and inspired us all. He is such a handsome, happy, photogenic boy that just looking at his pictures raises my spirits. Charley, you are my forever hero and you will always be in my heart. Please kiss Lily for me and keep her out of trouble there at the bridge. I love you Charley!!!

  45. Bonnie Felthager says:

    Wishing you peace, comfort, and all of the wonderful memories of your Charley that your heart can hold. I just read his story, an inspiring one…and I admire your dedication to giving your boy the wonderful life he deserved and I admire his bravery, fight and will to beat the odds for as long as he did. Prayers for you and your family…… <3

  46. Michael Dwight says:

    May the Lord Jesus grant you His strength and comfort at this most difficult time of the loss of your beloved family member Charley. We had to let Penny, our female mixed breed, go on Feb. 10, 2015.

  47. Renee says:

    I just stumbled upon beautiful Charley’s story today. Sounds like he was an amazing pup and you were all so blessed to have found each other. I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, sweet boy. ❤️

  48. Amanda and Girls says:

    Hey Charlie Boy,
    You were a true inspiration to all of us, none of my girls have had cancer but we followed your every step, you were so brave and so cute and always looked happy and willing to go on and on.
    We will miss your beautiful pictures, but we know you will be running around pain free now telling your amazing story to all the other dogs up there with you. Have a ball and be a very proud doggy.
    To mummy and daddy, you made this page to tell us all about Charlie and educate us all about his cancer and amazing days of beating it, through thick and thin you always kept us informed and put beautiful pictures on oh him enjoying life to the full with the love from you guys. We Thank you both for that.
    Love Amanda, Belle, Mabel, Ruby and Beau. xxxxx

  49. Heather Luter says:

    Wow, Charley, it looks like you had some awesome parents and an awesome life… you are one lucky dog!

    We will miss you a ton, but please know, we will find peace in knowing that you are free and running and sniffin and eatin everything you want now! No more dumb cancer!

    Dante, my best friend, is free as well – please keep an eye out for him. On earth, big dogs kinda made him nervous, but now, I’m sure all his fears are gone. I hope you two have some good races! He loved to run.

    Hugs from me and Angel kisses from Dante.

  50. Samantha M says:

    Sweet Charlie, you will be greatly missed. You have touched so many lives. Run free beautiful boy, the struggle is over but your memory will go on forever. RIP.

  51. Cheryl Olvera says:

    Charley’s love for you and your family was absolute. He will always be in your heart. He is now making heaven even more beautiful.

  52. We are so very sorry to hear about your beloved Charley. Our furend Shyla, R & KB told us what a true warrior Charley was. Sending much love to all of you.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  53. Linda says:

    Charley – a name that will forever signify warrior, hero, survivor, beloved son, hope, inspiration … to me and, I’m sure, many others. At this time your name brings me tears, but there will come a day when I hear “Charley” and it will once again bring me smiles. Charley – When I think of you, I think of my girl, Mandy – and vice versa. While she was fighting her own battle with hemangio, you brought her, and me, many moments of peace with your messages to her and your chocolate hugs and kisses. She was proud to call you her boyfriend. It helps me to think of the two of you now – together, with so many others – watching over all those you loved. Not many leave behind such a legacy as yours – and we thank your mom and dad for sharing your journey with us. I know that I had my Mandy with me for much longer than I would have as a direct result of the information your mom shared and the encouragement you both sent to us. While your path here is no longer being forged, it will be well worn in time – as many will follow in your footsteps – for you have shown many of us that the path you traveled is full of love, adventure and compassion. We love you Charley and thank you for all you have taught us. You will be sorely missed.
    Linda, Soni, Mandy Angel, Midnight Angel, Mischief Angel, Tux Angel, Comet and Tramp

  54. Ken Blackburn says:

    Ellen, what an emotional whirlwind to see the words , Charleys final blog post.. I have so enjoyed watching Charley over the years, hearing when there were good reports , watching Charley unwrap his gifts at Christmas and birthdays
    (Charley was my inspiration to try to teach Cooper how to unwrap gifts). I think you and Charley were on tripawds awhile before Cooper and I came along, my heart was filled with no hope when we first came to tripawds, and it was through people like you who have hearts bigger than the world that gave me the first glimmer of hope for Cooper. This allowed me to make a decision change from putting Cooper down to going through with the amputation, which also gave us almost a full year longer with him. He was a left front amp too, kinda made me feel a bond with Charley. It also gave me time to learn a whole new level of compassion that I had never known. Cooper was almost 11 when the cancer took him, so thanks to people like you Ellen and Charleys battle, Cooper survived to what is a very good age for a giant breed dog. Thank you – and Thank Charley for your part in my journey with Cooper and for allowing us to share your journey with Charley!

  55. Ellen and Joe I was shocked to see Charley had gone. I wish there were words to help your breaking heart. The 3 of you are an inspiration to all who fight the dreaded beast. Ellen you and Charley showed those who fight to keep going and not give up.

    Charley will live on in many hearts and memories and will not be forgotten. Cancer may have taken a special dog but it will never take the memories. I will continue to share Charley while raising funds for Bone Cancer research. His legacy will live on to help others fight the battle Charley so bravely fought.

    Forever in our hearts Charley.

  56. Franie Simsek says:

    Charley gave me hope.Charley & Ellen were of a great source of help & comfort when my Anna was battling cancer. I have followed Charley’s story through his battle until the end. My heart broke in a million pieces when he left this world.. I look at him as a Warrior.,a Hero, a Happy boy. I will miss everything about him, from posts, photos & stories. I do believe he gave us a light throughout all of our fur babies battles with Canine Cancer.I am sure his positive light is now shining bright in his final resting place, whole again, running & playing with all others that left before him.I Love you Charley!..with love, Franie & my Angel Anna…

  57. Karen says:

    When I saw the first post about rushing Charley to the hospital I literally lost my breath. I thought no way, this is Charley, he has beaten cancer twice and he’s going to be fine. I kept on checking the message board for an update while praying that he was going to be okay. When I found out that that he had earned his angel wings I was in utter shock. I never thought for a minute that he wouldn’t make it. Charley left a trail of broken hearts in his wake. We are all grieving with you as we all love Charley as if he was our own.

    For the 13 months that Chase battled OSA you and Charley were my hope and inspiration, giving me the courage to keep on going when I thought I just couldn’t do it. Seeing Charley going strong month after month gave me the strength to face another day.

    I cheered every one of his ampuversaries, every clean bill of health he received from Dr. Buss, every milestone and his 7th birthday. That one was bittersweet for me as I really believed in my heart that Chase would be here for it and would celebrate it with Charley. It is rare for a dog to survive osteosarcoma a year after diagnosis. Not only did he beat the odds, but he did it twice for over four years. No one could have foreseen this third evil cancer that would take him away from you..

    Charley was sent here for a reason, he had a higher purpose. What you and Charley have done for the BCD community is immeasurable. Charley has changed the face of bone cancer. He is the face of hope, courage and strength.

    A bright light has gone out for many of us here on earth but I’m sure that he has lit up heaven with his beautiful soul. I’d like to think that he has found Chase and all the bone cancer warriors that have gone before him and hope they are all watching over us. With the several pennies I’ve received over the past few days I don’t doubt that they have found each other.

    Charley knew he was loved and he had the best life that every dog deserves. It will take a long time for the pain to subside and for you to find your new normal, but eventually it will get easier. I hope you know that we are all here for you to lean on.

    Rest in peace beautiful boy, you fought a great fight that no dog should ever have to be faced with. You will forever be in in my heart and will always be our bone cancer warrior. I will forever miss your chocolate labby kisses.❤

    Wishing you peace and strength my friend.
    Much love to you and Joe

  58. Robin MacDonald says:

    Charley you are a true inspiration to both human and other “fur babies” as I read your blog tears ran uncontrollably down my cheeks. Your strength goes to show that Yes you can live a wonderful life no matter what bumps in the road may arise. As your mommy says you are indeed a true warrior and I’m so happy that you fought so hard to bring your family such love and devotion in these past years. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a leader over the rainbow. LOVE AND KISSES TO YOU AND YOUR BELOVED FAMILY ♡♡♡

  59. Shannon Barry says:

    Charley, you are such a brave and strong boy…you faught as hard as you could for as long as you could. You are free now but will be so missed. Run free across the rainbow bridge and join all our beloved friends who have gone before. If you see my Roxy, please give her a big kiss and tell her how much I miss her. RIP gorgeous boy

  60. Julie johnstone says:

    Such sad news about such a brave warrior . Charley run free over the rainbow bridge .We will never forget you

  61. Dave & Mira says:

    To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour.

  62. Allison Duffy says:

    My heart breaks for you as I know all too well how awful your pain is in this moment. Charley has inspired many, near and far, to remain hopeful even when facing such a dark and scary diagnosis. In every picture, his beautiful eyes showed strength, love and SO much happiness. I am so sorry for your loss Ellen and Joe. I know the pain is very real and very strong right now but please know we are all here for you, just like you and Charley were always here for us. You Charley are a beautiful pup and I know we will continue to see you and feel you as your journey will live on through helping provide hope to other pups battling the same so I will not say goodbye to you… but just “til we meet again at the bridge”….. Please give my Chase giant hugs from me and please–give my boy Chocolate Labby kisses… You are now running pain-free with giant puppy smiles… xoxoxo Sweet Charley boy

  63. Lucy Shapiro says:

    Dearest Ellen: Prayers for you & Joe. Thinking of you. Be kind to yourselves. We Love & Miss You Heavenly Angel Charley.
    Remember all the Wonderful Memories. I know it’s easy to say. From time to time, you might feel at peace. The pain, for some, will not go away. We were Blessed to have Our Angels with us, as long as we did. Some were not so lucky. The longer we fought with Our Babies, the more we were Loving Them. Our Hearts will Hurt.
    Angel Charley is a Hero, a Great Inspiration & a Warrior Prince. I will miss the Chocolate Labby Kisses. But, you know, We can have Chocolate Labby Kisses from Heaven. I know My Angel Sierra, greeted Your Angel Charley at the Bridge.
    We Will Love You Forever.
    Love, Lucy

  64. Val McLaren says:

    Run free sweet Charley you are a true inspiration and a very brave boy who is deeply loved and will be sadly missed. RIP beautiful boy xx

  65. Hannah Tubbs says:

    fighting back the tears reading this, RIP charley what a brave and beautiful dog xx

  66. amrik says:

    Charley you are brave boy…

    Rip – Return if possible….Charley run free over the rainbow bridge .We will never forgive you…

  67. Candy Heintz says:

    I have always held the highest regard for the Rev. Billy Graham, this is my favorite quote by him. I pray that it gives you peace: God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there I believe he’ll be there! ~The Rev. Billy Graham

  68. Sabine CHOLLET says:

    (Sorry for my English)
    You made me cry for a while!
    Your mum and dad will be crying for some days!
    But you gave so much love around you that you will stay unforgettable!!!
    You’re a great dog!
    And I hope you will meet one day our Janna in the sky!!!
    RIP !!!
    Sabine and Janna (our white Golden Retriever)

  69. Jodi says:

    Charley was my hero also!He Gave me so much hope for the future! My Hank was diagnosed with cancer and has his spleen removed on January 30th 2015, and I would always look at all Charley had accomplished and it would give us hope for the future! Godspeed Angel Charley and run and play free at the rainbow bridge! I look forward to meeting you. Visit your mom In Her dreams Cuz she is very heartbroken you are gone!

  70. Mandy Somerfield Holmes says:

    Charley you beautiful handsome boy, your mommy and daddy love you so much! You will always be in our hearts. Sleep tight brave boy, love me and Milo xxxx

  71. Micki says:

    Ellen, I can’t stop thinking about you and Joe, and keep reliving the loss of my heart dog, Solar, and wondering how you both are coping. I’ve lost two dogs to hemangiosarcoma and understand the shock that comes with such a terrible silent killer.

    I am so honored to have had the opportunity to meet Charley, you and Joe in St. Louis. He was everything I expected him to be and more! I know he’s having lots of hot dogs now!

    He has paved the path for so much hope for others facing osteosarcoma. To have been able to fight for more than five years was a miracle in itself. But he went far beyond just fighting and winning. He taught people about hope, about miracles and that they do happen, and he showed the world how to make the most of a bad situation in fighting back a second time.

    He was one of the luckiest dogs on earth to have such a tremendous mom and dad. Because of that, his spirit and determination will NEVER die.

    Godspeed, Charley! Please tell Solar how much I love and miss him.


  72. Teresa says:

    Please don’t cry for me..I am finally free..with Jesus right beside me.. He leads me beside still waters.. He says we will meet again at a place called Rainbow Bridge.. So keep your chin up and keep looking to the sky.. I will come and meet you by and by.. when your work is through.. I love you.. Charley♡

  73. Kathi Sayler says:

    Everytime I think about what you are going through I get teary-eyed. Charley was an amazing dog and even more so because of his amazing parents. I’ll always be thankful for the inspiration that Charley (and you!) gave me through your blogs and posts to keep fighting as Sally was diagnosed with lymphoma. Charley even inspired our own trip to the beach since Sally loves the water too! I have so many more precious memories with her now and appreciate every day we have. Thank you Ellen and Angel Charley!

  74. liz says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of our true hero Charlie, he will be an inspiration to others in the future, never give up, don’t let it get you down, keep fighting. Sending hugs xx

  75. diane tarrant says:

    Charley I always looked forward Mommy posting about you and your courageous journey. Although I only met you 9 months ago, I knew you were a special boy. You have the sweetest face and even in the pictures everyone knew how much you were loved, you were always smiling. My heart too is broken, but your legacy, will go on forever. You are truly a Warrior and my Hero. You will be in my heart pawever. You were all of our inspiration. I know you will come and visit Mommy and Daddy, because they loved you so and you loved them. I sign with all my love, hugs and tears. Love you Charley……always,, Diane

  76. Tammy Long says:

    My heart breaks for you and your family. He is my inspiration and reason to keep fighting for my boy Reno. You gave him a beautiful life for the time he was in yours. ❤️

  77. Jessica Cirba says:

    Rest in peace sweet angel Charley. Your story touched my heart many years ago and you continue to inspire me. Ellen and Joe you have been on my mind several times each day since his passing. Know that he was one lucky boy to find you for parents. I’d love to hear how you came to have Charley as a “child”. Remember the good years and smile. He has many friends to welcome him at the bridge for sure. Hugs and love…. Xo

  78. Shirley says:

    i am crying now ils only normal ,,,,cause my First Lab died nearly same Way in 2008 …. I Held her in my arms kissing her as the vet injected her …but thank god he had someone Like you

  79. Jenna (Chili Dawgs Mom) says:

    When I first saw the post that you were rushing Charley to the vet, my heart dropped. Charley was the poster boy for beating the odds of OSA. Charley lived a good life and knew he was loved. He was very blessed to have you and Joe for his parents. My heart breaks for you right now, as this last gift was the hardest gift to give. As his pain ends, yours begins. Know that you can lean on your friends for support and comfort right now. I know my Chili Dawg and Finchy greeted him at the Bridge and they are probably swimming together right now. Sending hugs to you…

  80. Andrea Merchant says:

    Charlie, you are such an inspiration. I wish I had meet you. Your mommy loves you very much and I can understand why. You fought bone cancer and won the battle. I am happy that you did not have to suffer long on your last day. I wish you eternal peace and happiness in heaven. Run freely and make a lot of friends. You are an angel. Lots of hugs and kisses handsome boy

  81. Anonymous says:

    My heart just keeps hurting for you, Ellen. From the outpouring, you are perhaps figuring out how many people were inspired by Charley and by you. When my K was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, Charley was the miracle example of why I thought we should try to fight it.

    Our journey didn’t last as long as yours but I kept following Charley’s journey after K had earned her wings. I cheered for every wonderful milestone. Most of all, I smiled because I knew that you were living every single day to the fullest with Charley. You knew that each day was a gift, and you showered Charley with love.

    Thank you, Ellen, for sharing your and Charley’s journey with all of us. We all know that there are no words that can help ease your grief right now but we want you to know how your Charley inspired us. He was one of a kind. His goofy smile is forever etched in my mind, especially on that day that you took him swimming in the ocean.

    I hope that you find peace, inch by inch. You were the perfect mom to Charley – someone who would love him unconditionally and give him every last chance to fight the evil C. He will live on in your heart forever. The love never dies, and it even keeps guiding you for the rest of your life.

    Run free, Charley, and watch over your mom and dad until you meet again.

  82. Teresa says:

    Thank-you for sharing Charley with us. I haven’t known him very long , but in the short time of knowing him, he and you showed such courage love and Devotion.
    I will wear your shirt with pride, Charley. and I can say I knew him.
    Much much love.

  83. Louise Bensley says:

    Such a brave and stunning boy, who was so loved by all. RIP Charley xx

  84. anjl says:

    Charley left this world knowing he was very loved and utterly adored! Your blog is testament to what we all know, which is that there isn’t anything you wouldn’t have done to keep him with you. He was absolutely amazing. Your journey together was inspirational. I know your heart is aching but that is because Charley is worth all of this missing and more! I hope you find some peace in your grief. The ” see you laters” are so very hard.

  85. Barbara Bouyet says:

    Charley….I am praying that you drifted easily into the light and then offered a paw to Abbie who followed you there the next day. I know how your mom’s heart is breaking into a million pieces because my heart is breaking for Abbie and she was older. Life is so unfair, especially for dogs, but the lucky ones get great homes and somehow they have to take a journey of pain to discover the Rainbow. It is hard to understand. You served as an inspiration to every dog with cancer and you will always stand there as a warrior; you provided the example that it can be done, don’t give up until there is no more left. I’m sorry you could stay longer, I am sorry that you beautiful spirit moved on but that is what happens; there is always that lousy end.

  86. Kathy Clark says:

    Ellen Venturella-Wilson, this is the second time I have read about your dear Charley.The first time was immediately after your loss. Both time with tears. Thank you for sharing your Charley’s journey with everyone. Charley , my Bentley is there at the bridge also. Everything is alright now, so just run with the wind.

  87. Lucy Shapiro says:

    Dear Ellen: Prayers for you. Thinking of you. I am so very sorry for your loss of Charley. He is a Handsome Heavenly Angel. Another Angel Gets His Wings. Charley is running happy & free over the Rainbow Bridge. No longer in pain. Watching over you. Waiting for his loved ones on earth. Be kind to yourself. Charley will always be in your heart. No one can take this from you. Peace & God Bless. Love You. My Heavenly Angel Sierra, greeted Your Heavenly Angel Charley at the Bridge. God Bless.

  88. Janine Pollard says:

    My thoughts and prayers on your loss of Charley. I know the pain you are in right now and I pray you find comfort in the happy memories you shared with him. Charley was a brave boy.

  89. That horrid hemangiosarcoma on her pericardium took the life of our lovely Golden. She was feeling absolutely fine and suddenly collapsed. Rushed to the hospital where she died on the table. Thoughts are with you as you grieve your friend.

  90. Dolores OKeefe says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. It is so difficult to let our furbabies go to the Rainbow Bridge. But we know we have done and given them all we can to comfort and treat them. May Charlie meet up with our “Big Guy” Dodger, 14 yr old black Lab we lost last 9.2.14. He just couldn’t get up anymore and we new ot was time that he had to take the trip to the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure he will be waiting to play with Charlie. He loved fetching balls and jumping into water. He brought us so much happiness as I’m sure Charlie filled your life with such joy. Peace be with all of you.

  91. Shadows mom says:

    Ellen & Joe,
    Charley had already beat the odds when our black lab was diagnosed in March 2012. Sadly Shadow fought bravely but OSA is a monster and our days together were too few and he crossed the bridge in April of that year. Charley’s story gave us strength and hope. When we read the news that night we were just so incredibly sad. Charley was the survivor for all of us. I loved the updates and photos of him through the years and they always said, “Take that cancer, I’m still here!”
    When Shadow’s litter mate sister, Daisy, crossed the bridge this past winter (She was 14.), my son sent an article from titled “Dogs Never Die.” To paraphrase a bit:
    Dogs never die, they are sleeping in your heart. Sometimes they wake up. Charley will a lot, wag his tail, wap, wap, wap, and of course you will cry. He will start to sleep more but he will always be there and he will wake up, usually when you are not expecting it, and you will cry. It’s just what dogs do.

  92. lisa rhea says:

    How awesomely blessed you were to have a friend like Charlie in your life, I hope you can find peace and enjoy your memories.

  93. Jeanne Hynes says:

    Godspeed to you sweet boy! You’ll never know the joy you brought to everyone. RIP and run free forevermore!

  94. Julie Rigby says:

    Ellen, you and Charley have offered love, support and hope to so many people and dogs dealing with cancer. Charley was a wonderful boy, and knew love and care for all his days. What a great life he had!
    Julie, Riley’s mom.
    And now Dexter’s mom, and Ivy’s mom, and foster mom to many.
    Because love never ends.

  95. Sherry Smith says:


    You were a real trooper and such an inspiration for so many others. Rest in peace, sweetie.


  96. Nicole & OS Angel Daggit says:

    Charley gave hope and inspiration to so many … hundreds in fact. He will now just continue to do so in his legacy. He will always be one of those dogs who people mention in the same breath as dogs who beat the odds … this is not the end of his journey. He will continue to inspire. Fly Free, Charley ……

    {{{ BELIEVE !! }}}

  97. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss of Charley. We also lost our beloved Min Pin, Serena, to bone cancer and our Doxie, Tiffany, to hemangiosarcoma. Cancer is so hard to accept. I know that Charley left you with so many wonderful memories. Keep those memories safe in your heart and they will always help you through the hard times. I would like to add Charley to the “Our Rainbow Friends” blog that I’ll publish on July 15 for the losses in June.

    Linda (DaWeenies of Florida blog)

  98. Cindy Bilbo says:

    Still so saddened by the news of Charley’s passing. This chocolate boy was an inspiration to so many and his legacy will live on. Not only beating cancer 2x, but also loving life as a tripawd. Will certainly miss getting those updates on Charley’s progress. All of this transpired so quickly. I am so glad that you, Ellen, and you family were able to tell Charley goodbye and be with him. I just have a feeling that we have not heard the end of Charley. What a special, special boy. Ellen, thanks for sharing Charley with all of us, and thanks for letting us go on this journey with you. All the best during this most difficult time.

  99. Jillian Miller says:

    Even though I haven’t known you very long charlie, you have already inspired me, when I learned of lil miss Lilly-Minges heart disease to be strong and keep fighting, fighting like you did!! You are a very strong boy, and a wonderful creature. May you be running through fields, and be healthy with no pain and no worries. Xoxo sweet dreams charlie. ❤❤ love jillian, katie, angelina, Jackson Marie, and sweet lil miss Lilly minge.

  100. Char says:

    I am so saddened and sorry for your loss. I have tears every time i see his beautiful pictures. You have a wonderful, loving guardian angel now. He knows exactly how much love you have for him. Charley I didn’t know you but I felt like I did. May you rest in Paradise and run free and healthy at the Bridge. You have so many who love you. You are a true hero.

  101. Kriss Mann says:

    I was in such shock when I heard about Charley being rushed to the vet. I thought “no way, this is something unrelated to the cancer – he’s going to be fine”. Then great sadness and tears when I heard that your sweet boy had left us. I cried in my car, with my family all around, when I saw your post. They know Charley too, even though they’ve never met him. We talked about him and what an inspiration he was to all of us. He has blazed a trail of hope for other dogs out there with bone cancer. To think he beat it twice is amazing and a miracle.

    I know my Grady is with Charley, Chase and all the other heroes who have gone to the Bridge. I named my rescue Basset “Charley” with the same spelling as your sweet boy’s name. It was a tribute, and an even bigger one now that he is gone.

    Thank you Ellen for all you and Charley have done – for the hope, for the research to help other dogs, for raising funds for bone cancer dogs, and for your wonderful posts that make us all smile. I pray for comfort for you and Joe, and that the beautiful memories of your sweet angel will live in your heart forever so you feel that he’s never left. Run free, sweet angel – we love you and your chocolate Labby kisses 🙂

  102. Connie says:

    My heart shattered when I heard about Charley. I never met you guys in person, but I feel like I have known you forever following Charley’s journey. You were there for support and advice with Callen’s OSA diagnosis.

    Sweet, warrior Charley, you may be gone from this world, but your flame is still shining bright. Take care of your mom and dad,be sure to send pennies. Run free, sweet boy. We’ll be waiting for the sloppy chocolate kisses.

    Connie, tripawd Callen, and Gibbs

  103. Lyn Schubert says:

    Ellen, my heart breaks for you and your family. Such a beautiful boy, gone way to soon. You and Charley were so lucky to have each other, God bless you!

  104. Shawn Goyette says:

    Charley, you are beautiful. What love you brought. Thank you so much for sharing this. As a owner of three labs I can honestly say that after two lines into this read I openly started bawling my eyes out. I wept with tears of sadness because I can feel the pain in your hearts. But also with joy, for anyone who has loved such beautiful beings like a lab knows how they make you a better person. I pray for the family left behind, you are in my thoughts tonight.

  105. Becki says:

    Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. Charley was such an inspiration. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Godspeed Charley. Run free.

  106. Karla says:

    I learned about Charley when my Cocoa Puff who was a beautiful strong Chocolate Lab also was fighting this horrible disease cancer. Charley was such an inspiration, and I continued to follow his journey even after my Cocoa Puff gained her Angle wings and went to the Rainbow Bridge. Thoughts and prayers – run few Charley and I know you, Cocoa Puff and all the others are running free and playing.

  107. Pam says:

    The love of a dog is something special. I have been following Charlie’s story while sharing our own journey with McKenzie. I was saddened by the news, as over time you get to know and love the dogs of other people who share your same journey. When they leave us there is a hole left behind. I am deeply sorry for the loss of Charlie and may you find strength to get through this difficult time. May the pawprints left on your heart forever hold you close to Charlie.

  108. Pam Dixon says:

    The love of a dog is something special. I have been following Charlie’s story while sharing our own journey with McKenzie. I was saddened by the news, as over time you get to know and love the dogs of other people who share your same journey. When they leave us there is a hole left behind. I am deeply sorry for the loss of Charlie and may you find strength to get through this difficult time. May the pawprints left on your heart forever hold you close to Charlie.

  109. Sandra Jennings says:

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful Charlie with the rest of the world. A special creature that brightened so many days. Godspeed Charlie.

  110. Jayne says:

    Charley….your journey in life is not for us to question. We learn from each other’s journeys. You were and are an inspiration to all of us. Your legacy will live on for years in the hearts of those who loved you. Run free….sleep well…until we are all united. Love from Jayne and Charlie…..her four legged baby. ❤️

  111. Porter's mom says:

    I am so sorry for you loss which I know first hand. My 7 year old yellow lab gad hemangiosarcoma. She had a CT scan and I was told it hadn’t spread so I had the affected leg amputated. I so regret putting Brandy through that because she died 10 days later. Charley, please find her because you both are healthy again and she can play and swim with you.

  112. Chip Barker says:

    Charley, you are my hero. You changed everything for me.

    When my pup Johnny came down with Osteosarcoma I thought it was too big to handle and I was lost and hopeless. Then one day, I found your mom and she shared your stories and photos. Watching you smile and play, run fast on 3 legs and all with that undiminished true labrador spirit, I knew we’d be ok.

    While the heavens seem vast, I feel they are small…so by now you’ve met Johnny. You boys, just try not to….oh never mind. Tear it up buddy! We’ll all see you soon!

  113. Karen Lakin says:

    Charley – you inspired all of us with your love of life and kicking cancer’s butt. You showed us how to live in the moment and although I never met you in person, I feel like I knew you, thanks to your mom allowing us to be part of your life virtually. You are family and always will be. And you will always have a piece of my heart. Run free and say hi to my babies, Albion, Theo and Livia. xoxo

  114. Cheryl Waltmann-James says:

    Dear Ellen & Joe,
    Ellen, you have been in my life for so many years (I actually watched you ‘grow up’ with my own daughter) and when you & Joe brought little Charley into your lives, I followed your FB posts & saw the love you had for Charley grow into something very precious & special. I cheered him on for every victory he had over cancer & shed tears over his set backs & struggles and I was in awe over his strength & courage as well as your love & dedication to his care & well being. He was a true warrior and you are too. You gave Charley the gift of love as only a selfless pet parent knows and enabled him to enjoy his life to the fullest. What a remarkable inspiration he was & will always be. I know all too well the pain & heartbreak of having to say goodby to a beloved petchild because of awful cancer – it is a gut wrenching experience that tears at your soul. I am so sorry for your loss of Charley and I know he lives forever in your heart & memories. I am so happy you had the Family Beach Vacation together. Those pictures are the most beautiful I have ever seen! So much happiness & joy in all of your faces.
    May you find peace in the days ahead & comfort in knowing Charley is running free & healed in fields of flowers & swimming in streams of crystal clear water… waiting at the Rainbow Bridge with his many friends who have gone before. Love to you Ellen – and RIP to your courageous, brave, handsome warrior Charley..

  115. jerry says:

    Charley, you will always and forever be an inspawration to us all. May your courage be passed along to other Tripawd heroes in our community who are just beginning their journey. We will miss you dearly sweet pup.

  116. Jenny Corona says:

    I have no words to express how incredibly sorry I am for your loss. I remember the day Luke was diagnosed with bone cancer and our vet suggested that we amputate. I thought there was no way he could survive on three legs and immediately begin to scour the Internet for information. Charley was the first video I found…running around in the snow and playing with a huge smile on his face. Charley gave me hope that one day my baby would also run and play again (and he did!) To say that Charley’s life and battle was an inspiration would be an understatement. He was a true warrior!

    Ellen and Joe – Charley was lucky to have you as his parents! Your relentless quest to keep him healthy and happy are truly an inspiration. Thank you for all that you did for Charley and the bone cancer community! Thank you for patiently answering every question I had and sharing your experiences. I pray that your hearts are comforted and that you find peace in knowing Charley is in heaven with his body fully restored chasing tennis balls and smiling down on you! XO – Jenny

  117. Maryly Turner says:

    Charley, I didn’t know you, but only learned of what a remarkable boy you were after I read your mom’s posting of your ordeal with your amazing fight and survival with cancer. I have had nine Rottweilers and out of that five have had cancer. The last one was Quinn, who was eight and I had adopted him from an elderly couple, I found a bump that turned out to be a Mast Cell tumor and my vet and I did everything possible to save him. This is not about him, but is about you, and the reason I am telling of him, is because your story was so much like his as far as all the friends you had at the vet’s. It was noon and a very slow day when I took Quinn in, to help him cross over to the Bridge. His many friends at the clinic were able to come out to the car and say their good-byes. So I know how very much you were loved by all. Your pictures make me smile at what a handsome fella you were. And it looks like that day at the beach was so full of love with you and your mom and dad. Now that you are at the Rainbow Bridge, you are “whole” again, and can run as fast and as far as you want to. We all know dogs love to run. My boy, Quinn is a “greeter” at the Bridge and I will check his FB page to see if he posted a message about you. You are missed dear sweet boy, but never ever forgotten <3 <3

  118. Beth says:

    Your story and that of your parents is such an inspiration! Thank you for filling so many hearts and lives with joy and love and motivation to continue on. If life were a wet wash cloth, you demonstrated an ability to wring out every last drop of it! I have two vivacious shitzus up there to look for: Clifford and Herman. They both believe that they are big dogs like yourself so please look them up! I’m sure they would live to show you around! God bless you and keep you until your mom and dad come to meet you!

  119. Michelle Hall says:

    Charley what an inspiration you were to dogs with this terrible disease. I was honoured to have you as a member of my late sir Branstons group. You had a very special family & it showed in your beautiful pictures. I was saddened & shocked to hear of your passing such a brave boy. Run pain free now handsome boy Sir B will show you the way, he’s a wise old man. Sir Branston in a daily pickle! Will always be there for your family xxxx

  120. Laura says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. My heart aches for you. The sorrow can be overwhelming. I’m so glad you had the pictures taken of Charley. I had this done with my dogs and after their passing it meant the world to me to have them. Ellen I wish I had magical words to ease your grief but I don’t. I know things will be different. You’ll always have Charley reminders pop up out of the blue. Please know thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your Beautiful, strong,Charley will be missed!!!

  121. Charley, you are a hero. You defied the odds and set the example of how to live with cancer. You will live on because you will be remembered. RIP dear Charley.

  122. Teresa says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Charley was so lucky to have you to to take such good care of him and share his story to inspire so many others. Charley was a fighter and now he is running free – happily playing with my Max and the cancer warriors who have gone before him. Treasure the wonderful memories – in time those happy times will outweigh the pain you feel now. Hugs!

  123. Betty says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Charley. He was such an inspiration to all of us. I will miss that labby face. There are no words I can said to take away the pain you are feeling. I loss 2 beautiful dogs to cancer. treasure your beautiful memories. In time they will make you smile and laugh. And will out weight the pain and loss you feel now. It is not good bye. But until we meet again. Until he is in your heart and by your side. Sending you prayers, strength, love and hugs. And puppy kisses

  124. Anonymous says:

    I am so sad for what you are going through. I never had the privelege of meeting Charley, but it was always obvious what a special dog he was & how much he meant to you-your face would light up at the mention of him. No dog was loved more than Charley. He was so lucky to have such a loving mommy & daddy that would do anything for him. I am amazed to see what a large following he had and how many lives were touched. He had a purpose on this earth and he will never be forgotten.

  125. Kristina says:

    I am so sad for what you are going through. I never had the privelege of meeting Charley, but it was always obvious what a special dog he was & how much he meant to you-your face would light up at the mention of him. No dog was loved more than Charley. He was so lucky to have such a loving mommy & daddy that would do anything for him. I am amazed to see what a large following he had and how many lives were touched. He had a purpose on this earth and he will never be forgotten.

  126. Kristen Borris the Tripawd says:

    Ellen I am so so very sorry. We all understand. Charley did give hope…he always will. He beat the odds , and that says a lot. This is one like osteosarcoma that just doesn’t give a chance. I am glad you were with him, that everyone who loves him was there. He knew it. Rest easy friend.

  127. Christine & Koda says:

    Dear Charley, you will always be an inspiration. The battle you fought makes you the KING WARRIOR! I pray that my Koda (5month ampuversary today & last chemotherapy yesterday) fights the fight you have sweet boy. We will miss your chocolate kisses! Fly pain free angel baby. You have earned your wings!

  128. Diana Maberry says:

    Charley, You are and always will be a bright and shinning star. Here on Earth you shined so bright for all who were battling OSA. You gave people hope and the courage to move ahead with their beloved dogs when they felt there was no hope. Now you are a shinning star up above. All of us who knew and loved you can look to your Star and remember our brave hero who was always smiling, always happy, always brave, always courageous. We will never forget you and all you brought to so many. We love you Charley. We know how much your Mom and Dad and your grandparents miss you. We hope you will send them many signs and lots of twinkles from your star. You will always be a Super Star.

  129. Charley, I will never be able to thank you enough for being our hope and our faith when my baby girl, Nola, was fighting OS. Because of you, we could stay strong, knowing that the statistics that we were given, upon her diagnosis, were just words, and that I could hold onto hope that my girl could fight for much longer than the 3 months that she was given. She fought for almost a year and you were a big reason for that! You are going to be so missed, Charley boy, but you will always be that source of inspiration that keeps everyone fighting for their cancer warrior – you will never be forgotten. Because of you, we all know that it IS possible to fight OS and to never give up. Thank you for being our inspiration for always and forever. And please send your mommy chocolate kisses every so often because she is going to be lost for a while without you. And please go run and play with my badass angel, Nola, and tell her that her mommy misses her so much too. <3 <3 <3 #tripawdsrule #Fcancer

  130. Shanna Alspaugh says:

    All Tripawds are hero’s in their own right, but every once in a while one comes along that has a lasting impact. They defy the odds, they give others hope. They are loved by the multitudes, they influence those they have never met. Charley was definitely one of those truly amazing ones. He left a pawprint on many hearts, he will live in those hearts forever. My hope for Ellen and Joe is that knowing how special Charley was will lighten the burden of losing him. That the tearful memories will soon be replaced with happy memories. RIP sweet Charley. Run free at Rainbow Bridge.

  131. Deb H says:

    Such beautiful photos of him and you that you will cherish forever. I can see your love for him in those photos and in your post. I am very sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose a beloved companion.

  132. labsrus says:

    Thank you Ellen for sharing Charley with all of us. For doing such a wonderful job of documenting his journey and giving us strength and knowledge to fight for our own tripawds. Charley will never be forgotten. He will have a special place in our hearts and his story will continue to help others on their own journey. The love you have for him is so beautiful.

    We found you, Ellen, and Charley near the beginning of our Osteosarcoma journey with our beloved 8 year old chocolate lab Hunter. During his time as a tripawd, Hunter was well known as Super Dog. With your help we were introduced to Artemisinin and other helpful supplements. We truly believe that with your support, encouragement, and knowledge we gained more time with our own tripawd.

    Hunter is now known as Super Dog Angel Hunter as he earned his wings on July 24th, 2013; only 3 days short of his 10th Birthday. We had 14 months with Hunter during his journey and he was strong through it all. The amputation, the chemotherapy, and more.

    You and Charley have been such a beacon of light for so many going through their own journey. You were always there to help others with their ups and downs. Charley’s smiling face was there for all of us and I loved reading his updates and celebrations. He was there giving us hope that we could beat this awful thing called cancer and we drew strength from his longevity as a tripawd. Being diagnosed at such a young age and living life to the fullest, Charley was and STILL IS our HERO! Charley and your family stayed happy and positive through it all. Even when Charley was diagnosed with cancer a second time you never gave up!

    You always told me that Charley and Hunter looked so much alike and I agree! I will send you a picture of them both together.

    So Hunter will finally meet his Hero Charley. The day Charley passed I prayed for Hunter to find him and take him under his wing and to comfort him until you all meet again.


    Hugs and woofs always…
    Love, Julie & Scott
    Super Dog Angel Hunter, Hailey, Harley and Summer

  133. Nancy Charlton says:

    Ellen I wish to thank you and your family for sharing Charley’s stories with everyone. We have been there through your struggles and it has giving us hope and the strength to deal with our own issues. I know when Hershey was diagnosed with Cancer it was so devastating that I did NOT know what to do or who to turn to.
    Reading about Charley gave me so much comfort during a very trying time that I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have shared.

  134. tweedles says:

    I have come from KB’S blog….Romping and Rolling in the Rockies, You do not know us,,, but our heart is breaking with yours right now.
    We are so sorry about your Charley. There is never a good time to say good bye,,,, and we just want you to know,,,
    so many in blog land are circuling around you right now in love,,
    Please know we hurt with you,,
    What a brave dog Charley was.
    we are lighting a candle

  135. Carol says:

    I’m here from the Face Book support group for parents of pets with cancer. Every last photo you posted here and in the group shows what a happy, beloved dog Charley was. He was a strong, brave boy…no doubt due to all your loving care. He fought a good fight and I’m sorry I didn’t get to know him, to know you, sooner. Know that you’re not alone in your grief. You have the support and love of many who have lost pets to the same godawful, gut-wrenching disease.

    Sending love and gentle hugs, Carol, Kitties: Blossom, Dallas and Cassie, and Angel Kitties: Colette (4/19/14 transitional cell carcinoma), Samsara, Marrakech, Misha, B.A. and Cappucino

  136. Kim says:

    I, too, learned of Charley through our support group on facebook, Parents of Pets with Cancer. What a sweet celebration of Charley. I think my favorite photos are the close up of his face, and the one with “Mom” kissing Charley. I recently lost my kitty Buddy to Lymphoma, and I would like to think that Charley along with Buddy and many others who have gone ahead, are enjoying their time, lingering by the bridge, waiting for us. . .free of pain, and disease; healthy and happy. Our pets are truly family, and there is no substitution for the love and joy they bring us. I am sure you will always miss Charley, but as time passes, hopefully, the wonderful memories will slowly reduce the hurt and sorrow to a minimum, and you will smile and feel peace when you think of him.

    I carry you with me into the world,
    into the smell of rain
    and the words that dance between people,
    and for me, it will always be this way,
    walking in the light,
    remembering being alive together.

    – Brian Andreas, Story People

    Thank you for sharing Charley’s story with us – we are all bound together by these pets – a village of hopeful individuals who have been blessed with these humble creatures. I truly believe God comes to each of us in different ways. For animal lovers, I believe he comes in the form of these wonderful companions. We are constantly given the opportunity to redeem ourselves, and he smiles on us every day with the love and care we give our pets. God Bless you – Charley’s not far away. He’s in the breeze, just breathe him in. xo

  137. Cristina & Goody says:

    The news came as such a tremendous shock and as i read the words like a blur, i felt those familiar emotions overwhelm me until i was sobbing like i lost my own.

    it’s very hard to be forced to accept that such a noble beautiful strong boy is gone while his loving family had to be robbed of him so suddenly by such a deceitful killer who won’t even show itself until too late. i’ve encountered it before, with more than one of my loves, and it shuttered my heart each time. i am still and always picking up some pieces of me, and i know these are life altering experiences. we try to go back to the good and focus on that abundance, all the joy they brought in our lives.

    Charley is bound to give you a sign, to show somehow he is still here, close by, bonded with you always. He is larger than life and his spirit will be, too.

    Charley is like a shooting star, a supernova: all his moves are big and bold. his life, his love, his purpose, his exit too.

    i cling to the hope and belief that we all do go on in spirit, and that there is a bigger picture for all of us to be reunited in. or that maybe, without even knowing it, we keep traveling parallel with our kindred souls, like a nomadic tribe. in this life and from life to life, adventure to adventure, our bond is strong and we keep finding each other because we belong, always. perhaps we’re never really apart.

    He is my inspiration, his story the one i stumbled on and stuck with, in guiding mine: Thank You for sharing his magnificent inspiring Life with us; for helping Goody in his own fight for life, and for giving us Hope.

    Charley is always going to be my SuperHero.

    I send you both light & love love and only love, dear Ellen.

  138. murphsmom says:

    Oh, Ellen! I am just devastated by this news. We have been away from any good internet connection for a week and I just found out yesterday. I couldn’t get the computer to let me post or to read this blog, so really just was able to read Charley’s story this morning. The tears are streaming down my face and my breath is coming in sobs.

    Charley meant so very much to all of us. He was an inspiration to so many who had little hope that their fur babies could live a normal life after diagnosis and amputation. We all celebrated each and every month right along with you.

    Please know that you are in our hearts and minds right now. And you can also be sure that Murphy was right there waiting to show Charley where all the best swimming spots are.

    Kathi and the Turbotsil April Angel

  139. Will and Cindy says:

    Ellen, it goes without saying that our heart breaks for both you and Joe. As you said, Charley meant so much to so many people. He leaves behind an amazing legacy.

    The bond we had with Charley really began at the reunion in Dayton in 2012. We had lost both Dozer and Molly to OS back in 2011 and by then we were on the road to healing. There was this instant attraction to Charley that until now we really didn’t put into words. For us, I believe there was this hope and promise that he would beat this awful disease that was lost when we lost Dozer. We were able to celebrate with you all of Charley’s ampuversaries and milestones. The highlight of our road trip to the Las Vegas reunion was our chance to meet up again and see wonderful, happy Charley. That meant so much to us.

    Godspeed Charley. If you meet up with our Molly and Dozer please tell them to wait for us. We will see them again some day. All our love, Will and Cindy. Great Dane Hugs from Beau and Cayman.

  140. Anna says:

    When Tyson was diagnosed with bone cancer, the world was closing in on me. That was it. There was nothing I could do. But, then I met tremendous people that were going through the same situation, and suddenly, I felt like there was some hope for Tyson. And then….I learned about Charley and met Ellen. Here’s a dog that was diagnosed at 2 and 1/2 years old! That was nine years younger than Tyson’s diagnostic age! Really cancer? And then wait, he’s now (at the time) 6 years old?? This dog beat cancer? Twice? Well that was it. Charley was the inspiration for the fact that Tyson was going to beat cancer. Charley was Tyson’s chocolate counter-part, and every time Ellen posted pictures of Charley, I would see Tyson in a different color (and missing the opposite leg).
    I think we all owe Charley for getting us through the darkness of this awful disease. Our babies were diagnosed with a horrible monster, and Charley was the light that pulled us through. He was everything to our community. Charley is one of the reasons that Tyson is still with me today.
    I honestly don’t know how to live in a world without bone cancer anymore. It is with me every day, always a lingering thought, a heavy cloud. And now, I do not know how to live in a world without Charley as our light. I really don’t. The news of everything that happened had had me (and all of us) in shock, and now, I don’t know how to proceed without him.
    Ellen and Joe, through the tremendous pain and suffering that you are experiencing, I hope with all my hear that it lifts your spirits just the smallest amount knowing the gargantuan effect that Charley has had on our lives, and on the lives of those we carry closest to our hearts, our dogs.
    Thank you Ellen and Joe, for giving everything you had to give Charley the most amazing life.
    And Charley, thank you for fighting this horrible disease with dignity and grace. Thank you for pulling us through. Your existence has meant more than you will ever know. Your story will live on and continue to help more and more dogs. I love you, Charley.

    Love always and forever,

    Anna and Tyson

  141. My heart has been shattered to hear of Charley’s passing. At first, I couldn’t believe it. Charley and his amazing family have been such an inspiration to so many, including me and my own Charlie who has been battling canine cancer for a year now. Charley is truly a warrior. He gives so many of us hope. My heart breaks that ultimately cancer took this precious boy’s life. A cute for this awful disease that causes so much sadness and heartbreak needs to be found. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ellen and your family. I pray for your peace and comfort. Run free sweet Charley boy! You touched so many during your time here. We will all miss you!!!

  142. Janette Domagalski says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Charlie. I love looking at his pictures on FB. Charlie was always so Happy! His beautiful loving memories. C u at the pool. Xoxo

  143. Jill Richter says:

    I will never forget the day I took both my boys to play with Charley. He was happy, full of energy and had the most beautiful shiny chocolate coat. My older son was trying to give Charley constant hugs and getting lots of chocolate kisses in return. My younger son was in his pumpkin seat and also getting his own chocolate kisses when Charley had a minute to come by. I have loved getting Christmas cards and hearing updates on all the wonderful adventures and fun Charley, Ellen, and Joe have had. It is completely unfair that Charley had to leave his family so soon, but anyone who was lucky enough to know Charley and his story knows that Ellen and Joe’s love for Charley and his love for them will go on forever. My heart hurts and I am sad, but I will remember what a good, sweet boy Charley was and will always be in awe of how many lives he touched.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs,
    Jill, Tim, Matthew and Aaron Richter

  144. Jane Williams says:

    You and your family are in my prayers. The pain is unbearable right now and you need to spend whatever time you need to process and grieve over Charley. I find it helpful to spend time journaling my thoughts and the activities of the last day. Years later when I go back to read it, I get great comfort in the remembrance of that particular dog and the wonderful memories we made.

    Charley was an amazing dog and so very blessed to have been sent to you and Joe. Your care for him has been amazing and an inspiration to many people, including me. Charley knew how much he was loved every minute of every single day. I’m so glad you recognized the signs of a problem when you did so you could be with him and say goodbye. Cancer is bad, but we can manage most of it — hemangiosarcoma is just plain evil and robs many people of the opportunity to say goodbye. I lost my Max to undiagnosed HSA at almost 15 years of age. He was fine one minute, ate a treat, and laid down to take a nap. About a minute later, he started breathing in a strange way and was gone in less than 10 minutes.

    You guys started the cancer journey a few months before Frieda and I did. I always looked forward to reading about Charley’s adventures and the monthly celebrations of survival as well as the pictures. Your posts have been a shining light of encouragement to me and many others for a long time. You gave me the idea to have monthly celebrations with Frieda — to celebrate the day of her birth and the day of her diagnosis, which was the mark of having kicked cancer’s butt one more month. Because of your inspiring posts about Charley, I got the idea to do things to celebrate and created memories with Frieda each month. The memories bring tears now, but one day they’re going to make us laugh with joy over the good times we had with these incredible dogs.

    I’m saying all this to say that Charley touched my life in a big way. I know your pain and so do many others here. It takes your breath away. I still wake up sometimes and think it has all been a bad dream and that Frieda is still here. I firmly believe we will be reunited with our pets one day. In the meantime, I believe that Frieda is on the welcoming committee at Rainbow Bridge and that she gave Charley a big old Rottie kiss when he got there.

    Take your time to grieve and know that Charley loved you as much as you loved him. He treasured each moment with you as much as you did with him. He loved you with his whole heart just as you did him.

    Hugs to you and Joe.

    Jane and Angel Frieda

  145. Mary Spears says:

    Charlie, you were and remain an inspiration to those of us who, with our dogs, still combat this terrible disease. Fly free, sweet boy, on your new wings….

  146. Mary Prevost says:

    I am so glad that you shared Charlie’s journey with us on the pet cancer sites. It was so joyful to – once in a while – get good news when so much of the news was devastating. We all cheered for you every time Charlie had another accomplishment. But alas, the horrible Hermangiosarcoma snuck up on him. It’s what took my Dulce. It was so sudden, and so unexpected. But Charlie beat cancer for a long, long time, and he inspired so many. For brief moments in time, we could all smile amidst the angst of fighting cancer for our own fur babies, or mourning the loss of one that has passed. That was a gift. Your were absolutely the BEST mom Charlie could ever, ever have had. My heart goes out to you for your loss. Charlie was a special dude, and he gave people hope. My prayer for you is for your to heal. Thank you for sharing Charlie with us. He will never be forgotten. Love to you…. <3

  147. Manuela Woodrum says:

    Charley was my hero. When my Bogi first was diagnosed he was the pup that always gave me a shimmer of “hope”. I was so sad to hear of the news. I am still in shock because Charley was such a fighter a hero to all that dealt with Bone Cancer in their Dog. You were such a great mom to him and I made a great friend in you for all the emotional support and guidance you gave me when my Bogi was so sick. Charley please run free of pain and kiss my Bogi

  148. sharon Westphal says:

    Charley a legend in his own time…You cant help but fall in love with him..His courage his inspiration..A true hero and fighter..Although he is gone from our eyes ..He will never be gone from our hearts.Even though a lot of us never knew Charley only from the post..He stamped his big chocolate paw on all our hearts..I know hes running free and playing with my Odiemagodie..Rip boys ..You will always be rembered and loved ..till we all meet again at Rainbows bridge…

  149. Susan Schwab says:

    Ellen and Joe,

    I am certain that I responded to you after Charley’s death but I do not see any comment here. You know how much that I loved Charley and what a huge blow it was to me and everyone when he died. He is not really dead though – his spirit will live on forever and ever.

    Love to you, Ellen and to you, Joe and, of course to Charley and now to Frankie.

    Sue, Eli, Cluny, Joey, Ruckatuckaluck and Dashiell

  150. Penny W says:

    When those so special are lost our hearts are broken for a very long time. Charlie will live inside that broken heart and his stirring will bring pain but his joyful memories will become the healing that will mend it.

    Rudyard Kipling

    “The Power of the Dog”

    There is sorrow enough in the natural way
    From men and women to fill our day;
    And when we are certain of sorrow in store,
    Why do we always arrange for more?
    Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware
    Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

    Buy a pup and your money will buy
    Love unflinching that cannot lie —
    Perfect passion and worship fed
    By a kick in the ribs or a pat on the head.
    Nevertheless it is hardly fair
    To risk your heart for a dog to tear.

    When the fourteen years which Nature permits
    Are closing in asthma, or tumour, or fits,
    And the vet’s unspoken prescription runs
    To lethal chambers or loaded guns,
    Then you will find — it’s your own affair —
    But . . . you’ve given your heart to a dog to tear.

    When the body that lived at your single will,
    With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!)
    When the spirit hat answered your every mood
    Is gone — wherever it goes — for good,
    You will discover how much you care,
    And will give your heart to a dog to tear.

    We’ve sorrow enough in the natural way,
    When it comes to burying Christian clay.
    Our loves are not given, but only lent,
    At compound interest of cent per cent.
    Though it is not always the case, I believe,
    That the longer we’ve kept’em, the more do we grieve;

    For, when debts are payable, right or wrong,
    A short-time loan is as bad as a long —
    So why in — Heaven (before we are there)
    Should we give our hearts to a dog to tear?

  151. Joanne Keenan says:

    Ellen, As I’ve noted before, I think puppy love is the best medicine. I replaced the loss of one with TWO puppies and sadly, both are now gone — but Summit brought me to meeting you and Charley. Watching the video of Charley playing in the snow gave me hope. It was not to be for my sweet Summit but I have learned much in this journey that I will continue to share when I can. Bless you and Joe for the way you have encouraged and supported others in this battle. Frankie is in good hands and will join Charley in your hearts. I will follow his adventures on Facebook. Enjoy those chocolate lab kisses. All the best.

  152. Joanne McCarl says:

    Ellen, I will never forget Charley! He has meant so much to so many people. He will be so deeply missed, but his legacy will live on in countless ways. Charley had such a wonderful life with you and Joe, but of course it was not long enough. Still, I know you wouldn’t have missed your time with him for the world. I have often used the words from the Garth Brooks song, “I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance.” You had such a memorable “dance” with your chocolate boy! The song was too short, and there were some steps that you would have rather missed, yet they all flowed together to make a beautiful dance, one that changed you in many ways. You will never forget your dance with Charley!!

    I wrote you a longer note in the artemisinin group when you first lost Charley, but I wanted to be a part of his blog, as well! Now you have a new baby boy, chosen with Charley’s help, and you will now make wonderful new memories with little Frankie. My love to all of you!

  153. Marcio Alvarez says:

    Dear Ellen,

    I’m confident that I can speak on behalf of the Artemisinin Group in that we felt Charley is an example of triumph in every respect over this damn disease. I refuse to speak in past tense because life is Eternal, existence as we experience it now May pass, but we all transcend, all Creatures do, this is like a school and Charley has graduated with honours, as painful as it feels, he is without harms now in the next life. I’m so happy your Faith is strong and you know deep down this not and end, but a see you later in another life, as I always say, it is a temporary separation, a painful one, but a temporary one. Charley’s legacy will remain and Charley himself Will be In good company with our beloved ones who departed before him. His extended family in the Artemisinin Group will Never forget him. May God and Frankie console you, Joe and your dad. You people have certainly earned your place next to Charley, under he right wing of God for loving all Creatures. Blessings

    Marcio Oso and Fatdog and others

  154. Peggy says:

    Ellen, I know I responded on the BCD group but I am so very, very, sorry that Charley has joined our Angels at the bridge. We all miss you and him dearly. Many times it seems the best way to mend a broken heart is to open your heart to another. So welcome to the family Frankie! May you help fill your mom and dad’s heart with joy once again. You have some big shoes to fill, but I am sure you are up to the job.

    Run free sweet Charley, our hero – say hi to my Angel boys: Storm, Benny, Bear and Ralph. I know you will keep watch over Frankie to help guide him along. We’ll never forget you – you’ve been such an inspiration to everyone and brought so much hope to so many.

    Peggy, Samson, Fionnlagh and Angels Storm, Bennington, Bear and Ralph.

  155. Mary & My Boys says:

    Ellen & Joe too…I have not been able to bring myself to read Charley’s last blog until today. I don’t even know were to begin. Charley was such an inspiration as My Dog Murphy fought his battle. Ellen, you were so kind and helpful I will never forget that. As many have already said, I am sure Charley is being hailed as a hero at the Rainbow Bridge. I am crying even now at the thought of how many of our sweet babies have been taken from us. I guess it is true, when one door closes another opens. Frankie was sent to you to help heal your heart. The piece Charley took will never be replaced or truly repaired, but Frankie will be there to help you. There is one quote I have heard that sticks with me…

    Grief is a most peculiar thing, we are so helpless in the face of it. It is like a window that will simply open of it’s own accord. The room grows cold and we can do nothing but shiver. But it opens a little less each time and one day we wonder what has become of it?

    It took a year for the window to stop opening for me. I can now smile when I think of Murphy. Oh I still cry, but I CAN smile. Charley I know you are making your Mom smile right now. I will never forget you. Thanks for all you did. Love.

  156. carolyn lindsay says:

    I am so sorry. I am crying while reading this , cause my girl too has bone cancer. I ‘m so busy taking care of my elderly mom to alway read the post. My heart goes out to you. You were such a wonderful mommy and daddy. You were his heaven on earth. Maybe this new pup is Charlie coming back, if you believe in that, I do . He will give you signs when you least expect it. Mine always did. What a wonderful send off you have given him. May I ask you something? How did you get him to last that long? My girl is almost 13 had radiation on her femur, and is doing pretty good. I hope my girl has some more years ahead . He is with god now , and being loved waiting on you. Congrats on the new furbaby, I know he will never take Charlie’s place, but he will help your heart. Bless you, you will be on my mind and in my prayers

    carolyn lindsay

  157. Tammy Ely says:

    I am just reading about Charley and my hearts broken. When my Azia girl was diagnosed I found so much hope in Charley’s story. The OS world will never be the same. I hope that Charley and Azia finally met at the Rainbow Bridge and are running and playing together with al our other angels.
    Tammy Ely

  158. I just read your post about Charley and am grief stricken. I had joined the Yahoo group Artemisinin_and_cancer when my Rottweiler Belle was diagnosed with a bone tumor and loved reading about Charley. You were both an inspiration to me. After losing all 3 of my dogs (I called them “the girls”) within 10 months of each other, 2 to bone cancer, and 1 to a nasal tumor, I would visit the site to see how Charley was doing. Obviously it had been a while since I checked in this last time, my heart goes out to you. Frankie has some big paws to fill, but I know he will help fill the hole in your heart. The group was blessed to have your advise and help.
    Peace to you,

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