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Oct 01 2014

Charley’s 47th Month Ampuversary a bit late….and a BIG surprise!!!

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I’m a few days late but Charley’s 47th Month Ampuversary was on 9/28, so Happy Belated Ampuversary!!!   YIPPEE!!!  YAY!!!  WOO HOO!!!   HIPHOP” HOORAY!!!


We are getting very close to celebrating 4 years on 10/28/14!  To put 4 years into perspective in Charley’s life, he was 2-1/2 years old when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and he just turned 6-1/2 years old on 9/29.  On his 4th ampuversary, he will have spent 66.6% of his life as a Tripawd fighting cancer and it will be 1 year since having his metastatic OS tumor removed.  Pretty amazing indeed!  I can barely remember him having 4 legs.  This is why Charley is and will always be a Bone Cancer Warrior! 


To honor Charley’s AMAZING journey we have a BIG surprise for our boy!  Drum roll please…..


When Charley’s OS came back in October 2013, I promised him that I would take him to see the ocean to swim in the waves and run in the sand (living in St. Louis, MO he has never seen the ocean).  My parents, Joe, Charley and I are renting a mini van and driving 13++ hours to Cape San Blas, FL (It’s an inlet about 1 hr or so east of Panama City with the gulf on one side and St. Joe Bay on the other).  We rented a 2 bdrm house directly on the beach.  Cape San Blas is completely dog friendly with no beach restrictions…YAY!  Charley will be running in the powder white sand and swimming in the green blue gulf water!  He already has his own float coat to wear!  I hired a photographer to take sunset beach pictures of Charley and all of us too!  Long story short…it’s a surprise vacation for Charley! 

Charley survivor1


Charley LOVES his cow ears!  Every night around 7pm he will start bugging us for one…..if we don’t get him what he wants he will start barking!  Spoiled??  I say so and he deserves to be spoiled rotten!



Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to all of you and your furry babies!


Thank you for all of your prayers, positive thoughts, hugs, and kisses.  It is greatly appreciated and we can’t thank you enough for all of your support!


  Hugs from me and chocolate Labby kisses from Charley!  xoxo  



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13 responses so far

13 Responses to “Charley’s 47th Month Ampuversary a bit late….and a BIG surprise!!!”

  1.   Michelleon 01 Oct 2014 at 9:39 pm     Reply1

    <3 Hoppy Ampuversary Charley. I can't believe one month short of 4 years and one month short of a year.. You are a total inspiration. Way to kick butt.

    I totally can't wait to see and hear about the wonderful vacation Charley gets to have. So cool. Keep kicking butt Mr Warrior. We love you

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    •   Charley's Momon 01 Oct 2014 at 9:54 pm     Reply2

      Thank you Michelle and Angel Sassy!!!

      Love, hugs, and chocolate Labby kisses,
      Ellen and Charley xoxo

  2.   jerryon 01 Oct 2014 at 9:48 pm     Reply3

    Wheeeeeee! Charley you crazy silly adorable PAWESOME PUPPY! Hoppy Ampuversary kiddo, you are just a record breaker, you know that right?

    Ellen, we SO want to go on vacation with you guys! Please please pack us in your suit case. This is going to be AMAZING, I see a really cool movie out of this big surprise!

    •   Charley's Momon 01 Oct 2014 at 9:54 pm     Reply4

      Thank you Jerry!!!

      Love, hugs, and chocolate Labby kisses,
      Ellen and Charley xoxo

  3.   rica55on 01 Oct 2014 at 10:17 pm     Reply5

    Happy ampuversary!!!!! I cannot wait to see these pictures!!!!! You SO deserve this!!!
    Jilly has her (almost) 2 year check up on Friday and I just told her we are going in using Charley as our inspiration!!! Thank you for always providing is with hope!
    Erica and Jill

  4.   Codie Raeon 01 Oct 2014 at 10:41 pm     Reply6

    Happy Hippy Hoppy Ampuversary Charley! Woah, your mama must love you very very much. Not gonna give away the surprise but boy howdy are you gonna have a grrrrrreat time!

    Codie Rae

  5.   Micki & Angel Solaron 02 Oct 2014 at 7:19 am     Reply7

    Charley, I hope you know what wonderfu parents you have and how very much they love you. Every dog on this earth should be so lucky to experience the love you experience! On the flip side, they are very lucky to have such brave and wonderful boy! You are truly a hero, and Yaundee and Shaman want to tell you that you will have so much fun at the beach!! It’s one of their favorite places! Have a wonderful trip and congratulations on all your milestones! We are praying for many, many more.

    Micki, Jack, Shaman, Yaundee & Angel Solar

  6.   labsruson 02 Oct 2014 at 9:51 am     Reply8

    I just LOVE the video Ellen!
    Happy Ampuversary Charley!

    You are such good parents to him and Charley is truly a blessed dog. We are wishing him many, many more happy years being cancer free.

    How wonderful that you are surprising him with a vacation! We will look forward to seeing his dream come true!

    Hugs and Love from Angel Hunter’s pack

  7.   fetchon3on 02 Oct 2014 at 7:04 pm     Reply9

    That’s SO awesome!!! CAR RIDE!!! Swimming! COW EARS! EPIC EPIC EPIC! Congrats, Charley. CONGRATS!
    ~ Katy & Jackson

  8.   Barbara Flynton 02 Oct 2014 at 8:43 pm     Reply10

    Your story moves me to tears. I am so awed by Charley’s amazing survival and your absolute love & devotion to him. I had a Golden Retriever that battled OS without the fantastic, miracle like results of Charley. It warms my heart to read about success stories…. I hope Charley and all of you have a wonderful vacation. Splash in the waves, roll in the sand and just be a crazy dog, Charley you are one lucky pup. I will wait anxiously to see photos. Travel safely and have the time of your lives!!!

  9.   Diannaon 02 Oct 2014 at 9:41 pm     Reply11

    My Maggie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she too was a Lab (black). Living in the desert (AZ) Mags never seen the ocean, but she was in the pool, everyday. So, after surgery, chemo, and radiation, we decided to pack up the Expedition and my two other Labs, Sammie and Bruin, and head to the Pacific Coast Highway in San Diego. We rented a hotel for the weekend, hike trails that had a running brook, and spent the afternoons cooling off in the ocean. The dogs went non stop, Maggie smiled the entire trip. This was the best vacation I’ve ever had. When we got home, my husband took my scuba tank into a shop, and had a photo of Maggie, Sam and Bruin running in the waves, air brushed on to it. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I’m probably the only people on the planet that has a scuba tank in their living room. Maggie lived another 4 years after treatment, she was approximately 13 when she passed away, We lost Bruin of old age this past July, he was 16, and my Sammie continues to follow me from room to room, and sleeps next to me every night. labs really do leave paw prints on your heart. Thanks for sharing Charley’s story, he’s gorgeous!!

  10.   Joannon 02 Oct 2014 at 10:02 pm     Reply12

    Happy Ampuversary, Charley!!!!! You are so special–just like my Nyke was!! I hope you enjoy your beach vacation!! I am soooo jealous!!!! 🙂


  11.   Tina Turneron 04 Aug 2015 at 7:33 am     Reply13

    I know the bossy for treats routine all too well. ?

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