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Jun 04 2015

Charley, I carry your heart with me. ~ March 29, 2008 – June 3, 2015 ~

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!    ❤️ Charley, I carry your heart with me.  ❤️  ~ March 29, 2008 – June 3, 2015 ~   Charley earned his well deserved angel wings at 5:13pm.  He beat bone cancer 2x…for 4 Years, 7 months and 6 days.  He survived bone cancer and […]

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May 10 2015

Happy Mother’s Day from me and Charley!!!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!  Being a mother doesn’t mean being related to someone by blood.  It means loving someone unconditionally and with your whole heart.   ❤️   Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!     ❤️  NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!  ❤️   Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers […]

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May 10 2015

Charley’s a rock star (and his rocks his new collar)!!! He’s met free!!!

  Charley saw his oncologist, Dr. Buss, this Thursday May 7th and it’s all good news!  Charley’s chest x-rays were clear (no mets) and Dr. Buss said Charley looks great!  YIPPE!!!  That’s a great way to celebrate Joe’s 40th Birthday too!  Charley is a 4-1/2 YEAR Bone Cancer Warrior and it’s been 1-1/2 YEARS since […]

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Apr 30 2015


  Happy Happy Happy 4-1/2 Year Ampuversary Charley!!!   I can’t believe it’s been 1-1/2 years since your OS met was removed!   You are and will always be our Bone Cancer Warrior, our hero, our inspiration and our miracle man!!!   We love you!  ❤️   I’ve attached some pictures collage of my handsome […]

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Apr 06 2015

Big News! Charley celebrated his 7th Birthday on March 29th & his 4 Year 5 Month Ampuversary on March 28th!!!

  Hi everyone!   Sorry this post is a bit late, but Charley had a lot to celebrate last weekend!    Charley celebrated his 4 Year, 5 Month Ampuversary (17 Months post metastatic osteosarcoma tumor removal) on Saturday March 28th!  YAY!  YIPPEE!!  WOO HOO!!!       The big news is that Charley celebrated his 7th […]

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Mar 18 2015


  Many of you asked and I listened!!!   CANINE CANCER WARRIORS has all new COLOR options for spring and summer!  These new shirts will be available until April 1st!     The short sleeve unisex ringspun tees were changed from Premium brand to Canvas Brand, which is higher quality shirt that came in more color options.  The colors available in this […]

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Mar 03 2015

Hoppy “Tri-Day” from Charley!!! Surf, Swim and Sand…Oh MY!

  Yay!  Today is “Tri-Day”!!!  Every year, 3/3 is a special day that families of Tripawds celebrate their amazing 3-legged family members.  So here’s to honoring Charley!  He’s our hero, our 4 Year 4 Month Bone Cancer Warrior, and our miracle!  “Hoppy Tri-Day!”  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️   Since most of you are probably tired of […]

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Feb 28 2015

Happy 4 Year, 4 Month Ampuversary Charley!!! CANINE CANCER WARRIORS ends tomorrow March 1!

Happy Happy Happy 4 Year, 4 Month Ampuversary Charley!!!  YAY!  YIPPEE!!  WOO HOO!!!  I can’t believe it’s been 16 months since his metastatic OS tumor was removed!   I wanted to thank each of you for making CANINE CANCER WARRIORS a HUGE success again and it has relaunched for the 3rd time!   Shirts and hoodies will be available until […]

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Feb 19 2015

Thank you for making CANINE CANCER WARRIORS a HUGE success again!

  I wanted to thank each of you for making CANINE CANCER WARRIORS a HUGE success again!  Thank you!   A total of 228 shirts and hoodies were sold in the first campaign that ended on February 8!  Another 115 were sold in the campaign that ended yesterday, February 18!  I am truly amazed on […]

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Feb 17 2015

HURRY! Last chance for CANINE CANCER WARRIORS!!! Ends 2/18 at 10:00pm CST!

  Last chance!!!  CANINE CANCER WARRIORS ends tomorrow, February 18, at 10:00pm C.S.T!!!   A total of 72 shirts and hoodies have sold so far!  YIPPEE!!!  Can we hit 100?   I have a goal in mind and I think it can be reached or at least we can come really close if a total of […]

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