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I just wanted to share some good news since there has been so many losses lately…


Today is Charley’s 45 Month Ampuversary!!!  It’s also been 10 months since his metastatic OS tumor was removed!  YIPPEE!!!  YAY!!!  WOO HOO!!!  We are now well on our way to celebrating 4 years!


Charley celebrated his special day by eating some grilled salmon (his second dinner) and he just finished devouring a cow’s ear in record time!


I’ve attached a few pics of Charley that I took this evening out in our yard. 🙂






Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to all of you and your furry babies!


Thank you for all of your prayers, positive thoughts, hugs, and kisses.  It is greatly appreciated and we can’t thank you enough for all of your support!


  Hugs from me and chocolate Labby kisses from Charley!  xoxo  



16 Responses to “Happy 45th Month Ampuversary Charley!!!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Charley & Ellen
    You both are true inspirations to this site. Way to keep kicking butt Charley. Hoppy 45 month and 10 month 🙂 You are doing so awesome

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. maximutt says:

    Charley, you are the man!!! Way to go buddy!! You are awesome!!

  3. trituck says:

    Woo Hoo Charley (and Ellen)!!

    What wonderful news – two special celebrations rolled into one.

    Tucker and I will have special treats tonight in your honour 🙂

    Linda and Tucker

  4. fetchon3 says:

    Whoop whoop! Love his face!
    ~ Katy & Jackson

  5. Christine says:

    You just don’t know how big of a grin I get when I see Charley updates.. and especially one like this one!!!
    Charley Dawg.. you keep kicking that cancer’s freaking ass on behalf of all our sweet furkids who are cheering you on from the bridge…

    High Paws!!!

    Christine… with Franklin in her heart♥

  6. labsrus says:

    You are amazing Charley! And you look fabulous!
    You are such an inspawration to all. We know you were for us in the beginning of our tripawd journey. Keep up the good work. (((Hugs))) to you and your Mom too.

    We are wishing you many, many more years of happiness and good times with your family.

    Super Dog Angel Hunter’s pack

  7. jerry says:

    FURTY FIVE months? Charley! You have got to be the world’s most amazing Tripawd! I mean it, you really are one very special guy, the symbol of hope and better days ahead that everyone needs when they get the cancer diagnosis.

    WWWOOOOOHOOOOO! Dude, you are the rock star of the Tripawds Nation!! Can’t believe it’s been 10 months since you had your last surgery. Wow. AMAZING!

  8. benny55 says:

    Oh gosh…DITTO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

    Brings tears of joy to my eyesseeing this Smiling Charley Boy!

    Ya’ know, we often have “Seniors” on here inspiring dogs of a “mature” age because sometimes the decision seems extra hard at that stage in life. Then we have the other end of the spectrum where being a young whipper snapper can “supposedly” be a negative.

    Clearly those humans in charge of “statistics and prognosis” have not heard about our CHARLEY!!!!!!!! Stand up and pay attention people!! We’ve got a miracle dog over here….and some incredibly strong and devoted pawrents that give him a “leg up”!!!!!!

    Keep carrying the torch Charley! We need you here!!!

    Now, tell your humans to take you to Alaska and you’ll catch your own Salmon thank you very much!!!!!

    With a delighted heart, I send you so much love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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